Technology Isn’t Always A Good Thing

Technology is everywhere we look. Computers, tablets, phones, game consoles and television. Whilst technology comes with many advantages, there are also occasions when it isn’t a good thing.

When I was a kid the only options for writing were pen and paper and type writers. Game Consoles were starting to appear. I loved my ZX Spectrum, despite it taking half an hour to load a game. Paper boy was a firm favourite.

To see friends it was a case of knocking on a door or phoning them from the land line.  Now I never write letters with pen and paper and I don’t phone people that often.

I text rather than call most of the time and I spend a lot of time in front of one device or another. I do my banking and shopping online and keep up to date with friends on facebook. All of this is very convenient however I feel that friends expect me to reply rapidly.

There are quite a few negatives to technology today. A few months a go I had an issue with my bank. A large amount of money was taken from my account from a company I had never heard of. The bank refunded half of the money and explained the rest would get refunded once the bank had investigated the company. It took three months to get the remainder of the money paid back into my account. This caused me many inconveniences with my finances.

Mobile phones are great, however they also affect social skills. There are many occasions when I actually text my husband when in the same place because he is glued to his phone. You see people walking down the street looking at their mobile phone.

I have asked a few other bloggers if they have any bad experiences with technology, or the negatives of technology. I found myself nodding in agreement when I read them.

Katy from said her pet peeve is “When you meet up with family, some who you barely see, and they sit on their phones the whole time on FaceTime, snapchat and whatever else”. I have been in restaurants and a whole family are sat there either on tablets or phones. I have experienced the same thing as Katy and it is a shame that this happens.

Lyndsey from Me, him, the dog and a baby said “Self diagnosis of illnesses – Google can be the devil sometimes and convince you that you’re dying.” I’m guessing 90% of the population that has access to the internet has googled some health condition. I am one of those people. If you haven’t read my Skin Cancer Awareness post take a look. My searching on the internet convinced me that I might have had Skin Cancer.

Cheryl from Mummy Of 5 Miracles said ” My daughter who is 8 panics if there is no form of technology available despite not owning her own phone or tablet… she doesn’t know how to play! She’s far more interested in watching other people do their thing on YouTube instead”. I know of a lot of children that do the same, watching children opening kinder and other surprise eggs and blind bags – even E likes to watch them sometimes. It perplexes me. It’s just another negative side of technology. Children like using it all the time.

We’ve all seen the toddler who can barely walk unlock an iPhone and start tapping for an app. Children that are four that are adept with ipads. There are also 16 year olds that can write code and programs I couldn’t even imagine doing. Technology. It is great that children are able to do this but how much does it remove them from every day life. Will they ever put pen to paper and write a physical letter?


Beth from Twinderelmo said  “Your son can rack up an £800 bill on his Grandad’s phone in an hour completely unaware. I was intrigued and asked more. She explained that Grandad has no passwords or anything set up and click-through on games etc meant he had a rather immense Fifa team. Luckily apple refunded it all as it was done in such a short period of time. Suffice to say he’s not allowed to play on phones. She was Mortified. I had never even thought that this could happen. I am glad I have passwords set up – I have visions of J tapping away and buying different games by accident.

Emma from Devon Mum made me smile. She said “When you think it will be a good idea to search pinterest for ideas of things to do/make but then get lost for hours and actually end up doing nothing instead.” I am guilty of that. because of all the wonderful things there are to look at. If you  haven’t ventured on to Pinterest, It’s a fab site for searching for almost everything. As a blogger I frequently pin things on there that I do. Almost like a virtual pin board.

Abi from Something About Baby also said “People don’t know the art of conversation anymore. she admits I’m terribly addicted to my phone.” Emma from Our Fairytale Adventure also thinks that technology can really hinder social skills. I find it very hard to have conversations with some people because they can’t interact unless behind a screen.

I am seeing a pattern here that a few people find mobile phones and tablets to be a problem. Affecting how people socialise or not as the case may be.

Laura from The Boy Equation highlighted another great example of how technology can be a bad thing. She said ” I see I direct link between my boys bad behaviour and too much TV (and/or computer time). When they are on a screen ban, they discover all their old toys (Lego, board games etc) and play nicely together…for a while at least!” I frequently end up turning the TV off to make the children play. It frustrates me that they will happily sit watching Peppa Pig or what ever else is on.

Luschka from Diary of a First Child talks about how technology has affected her memory. She said ” I really struggle to remember birthdays, addresses or phone numbers and I’m convinced it’s because it’s all ‘automatic’ now, which means I can’t write an address from memory, and birthdays always catch me by surprise!” It has to be said I frequently look on facebook for peoples birthdays.

Technology affects us all in many different ways, the majority is to do with social interaction. But there is something that hightlight’s the negative side of technology. Georgina from Gee Gardner talked about Cyberbullying. She told me about her experience and said “It opens up a whole new door for bullies who can hide behind a screen and hurt people without getting up off their sofa. I’ve had one particular blogger try to make my life hell over the past 8 months. They have bullied me, my finance and more recently, created a bunch of fake youtube accounts just to flood a video of my 7-year-old daughter filmed with her dad with dislikes to hurt her too. People like that ruin it for everyone and make technology toxic. I am absolutely shocked that Georgina has encountered this. Any form of bullying is certainly not acceptable.

Technology is amazing most of the time, the world at the touch of our fingertips. Our children are growing up in a world of constantly developing technology. But there is one thing that concerns me and that is how it affects social skills. It is already affecting many people, the majority I find are adults. Maybe once in a while we could all switch the screens off, spend a little time together and engage in actual face to face conversation.

I know there will always be a ‘not so good’ side to technology but hopefully things will change over time and people will be able to balance out the good and the bad.

Have you ever encountered any negative experiences regarding technology?

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15 thoughts on “Technology Isn’t Always A Good Thing

  1. I love technology, I really have embraced it. The only issue I have really had is noticing a bad change in my son’s behaviour if he’s been watching too much YouTube on my phone. It’s easily remedied though.

    1. I love technology also- everything about it. It’s the lack of social skills it has affected in some is really hard going.

  2. I think you’re right – there will always be negatives with technology – the challenge is how we manage them all.

    The rate at which it is changing our lives is extraordinary and is speeding up, rather than slowing down. With connectivity and AI developing at a rate of knots, we need to develop the skills of how to cope with the more negative side of things.

  3. My son is only 18 months but I am already making a conscious effort to ensure I limit screen time and have him just playing with his toys. It is so simply to stick the telly on when they’re whinging though!

  4. I totally agree. Technology is brilliant. I love it and embrace it. I am excited to see where it will take us. But then on the other hand, people are losing social skills. We don’t even have to leave the house these days and see actual people do we. We can do everything from home as long as we have our computers. I do worry for future jobs too as people may not be needed.. Technology is brilliant, but at the same time it isn’t.. x

  5. The experiences of our children are so different to our own due to technology. It amazes me that it’s on the curriculum at such a young age too! There is definitely a need for balance though, so we don’t all end up living a life like that on the Axiom on WALL-E.

  6. Since having my daughter I’ve really started noticing just how much time we spend on our phones, not so much in front of her but at night when we are watching TV. I need to set limits for how long we spend on them.

  7. We’re big technology users in our house – my husband is a bit of a geek, so loves his gadgets. But there’s definitely a downside to it. I completely relate to the Pinterest example – it’s so easy to get lost in a trail and before you know it you’ve sunk a few hours into researching something when you could have got your hands dirty and actually done something. To say nothing of the high standards you see which are so often unattainable and really put you off even trying something!

  8. I think technology is amazing in so many ways but in others it has taken so much away from social interaction and living life in the moment. I encourage my children to play with toys and be outdoors like I was at their age, I worry about them growing up surrounded by technology.

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