Ahhhh teething… Of course it all started with that first drop of drool at nine weeks old.  That drop of drool then turned into the steady drip that soaked the neckline of the his t-shirt, making a bib the new must have outfit necessity. That steady drip then turned into the flowing river of drool that soaked EVERYTHING, bib or not!  Now that everything is soaked the inevitable fussy whine starts, which means J is teething in full force…  So, what does that really mean besides teeth are coming… EVERYTHING GETS SHOVED IN HIS MOUTH!

It’s actually a little scary how everything within reach gets shoved in J’s mouth.  Nothing is too big, or too small, if he can grab it he can stuff it.  Things like my hand, my clothes, his toys of course, my iPhone, his blanket, the carpet, the sofa cushion, and my slippers! When my slippers were discovered in a soggy state I knew it was time to keep teething toys within reach at all times!

I even have to be careful when changing his nappy – he quite happily grab the wipes and shove them in his mouth, luckily the clean ones!

Drooling, soaking wet bibs and clothes, and my soggy slippers aside, my poor little man is in pain!  I feel so bad for him, he is clearly uncomfortable, his little gums are red and he is at times inconsolable.  It’s so hard for me to stand by without much of a way to help him.  I know E went through it but it never seemed to be as bad as this, or maybe I have simply forgotten. She survived it and doesn’t remember it as I don’t think anyone remembers getting teeth.. .

I realise that teething is just part of life and that he will survive.  It’s just so hard for me as a mother to stand by and not be able to do much. I have decided that teething teaches, both the baby and the parents, the importance of developing a pain thresh hold. J  is developing a physical pain thresh hold, while dad and I are developing an emotional parent pain threshold.  It’s so hard as parent to stand by and see your baby in pain and not be able to fix it, safely and instantly.

I just really hope some teeth make an appearance soon as teething seems to be going on for a long time already and no tooth has cut through. Both my sanity levels and sleep deprivation is taking a battering at this tough time… So if anyone notices how I have aged and have a large influx of grey hairs appear you will now know why! I am just glad that J wont remember any of it.

J having a chew on a few things he could get hold off.

teething photos


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