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The University Reunion

This last weekend I went to my 20 years University Reunion. When it was first announced that there was going to be a reunion, I decided I was going to go. I wanted to see old friends who had been a part of a meaningful part of my life for a couple of years.

However as the time loomed closer, I started to wonder whether to go or not. I think a lot of it was the unknown. I hadn’t kept in touch with any of these people for 20 years apart from one. Others I am friends with on Facebook but I hadn’t seen them in years. Also knowing that some of the people saw each other more frequently because they lived near each other, made me a little more nervous.

The friend whom I had kept in touch with, Lizzie. Was flying over from New Zealand and was going to the reunion. At that point I decided I was definitely going to go. Hotel room’s were booked, train tickets and the ferry. The reunion was on the Isle of Wight.

The date loomed closer and I had butterflies in my tummy. I was looking forward to it with equal parts excitement and unease. Of course there’s the enjoyment of reuniting with friends who now live all over the globe, and the chance to relive some of the messy fun of University.

The weekend finally arrived, as I headed up to Southampton on the train I was reflecting over the last twenty years. I can’t believe its been twenty years since I left University. I have done a lot in that time, travelled to some wonderful places, had some great jobs and amazing opportunities. Even so, looking back I realised how fast the time had gone.

Meeting up with my friend Liz was great. It was great to catch up and nice to have someone I know well to go with.

We managed to find the venue for the reunion, despite getting a little lost. I admit, when I walked through the  door my heart was pounding with anticipation and nerves.

After getting a drink it was time to socialise, it was great to see people, to catch up. After the usual how are you, what are you up to questions we all just chatted about all sorts of things. There was plenty of drinking, laughing and reliving our University days.

I was truly glad that I went, it was a great night.  Everyone was happy to see everyone. Some people couldn’t make it, which was a shame.  We all survived intact, some more hungover than others!  We all seemed to be better, more complete versions of ourselves.  It’s impossible to know whether this is a result of the 20 years of growing up or just a show for one night because no one wants to be the outsider on the night.  Either way, it was very cathartic and I look forward to the next one.. Hopefully it wont be another twenty years as I will be nearing sixty!

I wont post to many photos as a lot of them have other people in.








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5 thoughts on “The University Reunion

  1. I am glad you went, I avoided my old school reunion as I was 8 months pregnant and overly hormonal. The pics look fab! Weird how I bet you are all the same, just a little older and wiser.

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