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What am I looking forward to in December

Wow, where has the year gone? I cannot believe it is the first of December tomorrow. November has been and gone and with very little excitement so I am looking forward to December and hoping it will be magical.

December is typically a busy month what with finishing of Christmas shopping, various school events, all things Christmas and not forgetting the arrival of Buddy The Elf. Last year we introduced Buddy and E loves him, we are not completely strict on the no touching of him as she is only little. She liked a little cuddle every now on then but she would also say I can’t touch him for long as his magic will stop working.

E has asked if we will get an Elf again this year, I have told her that I don’t know as there are a lot of children in the world so we might not get one this year so I know she will be excited in the morning to see that Buddy is here again.

Elf on the shelf

Another thing that E gets excited about is Advent calendars, I know I used to when I was little too, so tomorrow morning she will see her yummy chocolate advent calendar waiting for her next to Buddy the Elf.

I am really looking forward to next weekend as we are putting the Christmas decorations up, I am not however looking forward to J’s reaction to the tree. We are planning on tying it to the banister rail so he wont be able to pull it on top of himself, he will no doubt enjoy taking decorations off the tree – I am hoping he will get bored with it and not do it, but I am not optimistic.

Next weekend we are also off to see Santa courtesy of Wyevale Garden Centre in Sidmouth, I know E will be very excited when we get there, as for J we will wait and see.

Later in the month there is another Father Christmas trip at Otter Nurseries which isn’t too far from here. I have heard how great seeing Santa is there so I look forward to seeing the children’s reaction.

There is one thing I am not really not looking forward to and that is M being away for two weeks, right on the run up to Christmas. Dealing with an excited E and a hard work destructive J for two weeks solid close to Christmas is going to be hard work, I had better get some wine and chocolate in for my sanity on a night.

Until then I have Friday night to look forward to as I am off out for a Mexican with a couple of mummy friends. It is going to be an interesting night as I don’t like spicy food and most of the stuff on the menu sounds a little spicy! Regardless of that it is going to be great to have some child free time and a night out.

I am sure there will plenty of excitement for me to write about so keep checking back for our December antics.


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