Win A Luxury Afternoon Tea With Red Letter Days

Did you know it’s currently afternoon tea week?  I do love all the awareness and event days and weeks. Especially when it comes to celebrating one of the nations traditions. Afternoon Tea. The combination of savoury and sweet and a nice cup of tea is perfect.

To celebrate Afternoon tea week red letter Days are kindly offering one of my readers the chance to win Luxury Afternoon tea for two.

Afternoon tea red letter days


The lucky winner and a friend will be able to choose from 60 Red Letter Days hand-picked luxury venues. Each of these chic and inviting establishments boasts a great location, excellent service and a perfectly luxurious setting in which to unwind and observe a quaint English tradition.

Afternoon Tea with Red Letter Days

No matter which location you select you can guarantee that you will have a wonderful time. Some venues even include a glass of bubbly. Such a splendid way to spend an afternoon.

Have a look at the fantastic Luxury Afternoon Tea Prize that Red Letter Days are offering. You can also see the locations you can use the voucher at.

If you fancy spending your afternoon being spoiled, eating tasty treats and relaxing then enter the competition below.

Closing Date 1st September. UK Only

Win Luxury Afternoon Tea with Red Letter Days

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248 thoughts on “Win A Luxury Afternoon Tea With Red Letter Days

  1. My best I end of 50 years, she has had a rough time lately, and I’m trying my best to cheer her up, this would be a lovely treat for her.

  2. i would take my husband, as we are celebrating both my 50th birthday and our 10th wedding anniversary this year

  3. I would take my Mum with me, we both enjoy tea but it isn’t often we have tea together, this would be a lovely treat to share together whilst getting a good catch up.

  4. I would treat my daughter, we have been saying for a long time we would love to try an afternoon tea! Thanks for the chance x

  5. I’d take my boyfriend because he’s had a tough year after losing his job but now he’s decided to go and get himself a degree and I’m really proud, so this would be a nice treat before he starts studying!

  6. I would take my partner as she has been very supportive in regards to my health issues and I would love to take her out and spoil her with a ‘proper’ afternoon tea x

  7. I’d take my best friend as she’s could really do with a special treat! Great competition thanks for the chance to win.

  8. I’d love to take my mum for afternoon tea – because despite everything she always puts me and my sisters first. It would be lovely to treat her for a change.

  9. I’d take my Husband as it would be a lovely day out for us. We haven’t been out for even a coffee in over 2 years so this would be a real treat.

  10. It would have to be my mum whos been visiting my dad in his nursing home almost every day for the past year now

  11. I would take my Mum. My mum adopted me when I was 4 so I could have a better life. Over the years there has been times which have been testing between us but my mum has always stuck by me and never given up. It is a lot to do with her why I am who I am today. (Love you Mum) x

  12. Who would you take with you for the luxury afternoon tea and why?

    My friend Dawn as she really deserves a treat

  13. My 9 year old daughter because she has wanted to go for afternoon tea for a while, however money has stopped us recently

  14. I would take my best friend Nikki. We always have such a good natter with lots of laughs over a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

  15. I’d take my husband for a special afternoon tea for some couple’s time before baby no 3 arrives at Christmas.

  16. My boyfriend because he’s never had proper afternoon tea and he could do with experiencing the fancy side of life!

  17. I would take my older daughter Meg because she has helped me out so much this year and is always there for her little sister x

  18. I would love to catch up with my Mum and Afternoon Tea seems a perfect place to do that. I haven’t seen her for a while and without giving a sob story, let’s just say… She deserves a treat x

  19. I’d take my mum, it’s her birthday soon. She doesn’t go out much due to poor mobility and would be a fantastic surprise

  20. I would take my mum because she’s had a horrible year (broke her neck in March!) and it would be a really lovely treat 🙂

  21. I would take my best friend Clare because she is always there for me & never judges me no matter what situation i get myself into

  22. I’d take my hubby. He’s my best friend and we never run out of things to chat about. I’d love to treat him to a brilliant Afternoon Tea

  23. would take my beautiful mum who doesn’t get to go to events very often and I know she would absolutely love it

  24. I would meet up with my cousin when she comes to visit, she lives 200 miles away so much nicer to talk face to face than text or emailing.

  25. My husband as we don’t get to spend much quality time together – when we are together we are doing chores!

  26. I would take my partner Craig…for our Monthly Fri-Date…. Once a month we make sure we have the day off work together, swap out baby’s nursery days so she has a full nursery day and convince my dad to pick the kids up from school…that way we get to spend 8 hours alone with no kids…it’s amazing!

  27. I would take my good friend Juliette. We live quite a way from each other but like to meet up for cocktails and chat whenever we can. This would be a lovely treat.

  28. I would take my best friend as we both need a treat! She has 8 children and I have my 3 very little ones! Between us we have a complete 5 a side game and a sub 🙂 definatly time to let the Dads take over and have a cuppa

  29. I would take my mum, she deserves a treat as had a couple of family problems with I’ll health and she’s helped out as much as she can

  30. I would take my sister because she has been amazing with me and my kids and now expecting one of her own. She has been through so much and I would love to treat her and get some quality sister time.

  31. I would take my husband. We always say we will have more date days (we started off the year having one each month but life kinda got in the way), so it would be nice to kick it back off with afternoon tea.

  32. I’d treat my mum to a Luxury afternoon tea as she is about to be a grandmother for the first time, and im about to be a mama for the first time sow e could do with a little luxury before all the chaos begins!

  33. I would take my best friend Jane as she is always there for me and is a very supportive friend and this would be a token of my appreciation

  34. I’d treat my eldest son as he did well on his GCSE’s and I think it would be a good experience for him to get a taste of something sophisticated and grown-up like enjoying Afternoon Tea!

  35. I would love to take my sister because she has been my rock since I was made redundant and this would be such a lovely treat for both of us!

  36. I would take my Mum Chris as she works hard for me and I can be challenging at times so she would love and appreciate this prize

  37. My fiancé, we both enjoy nice food. I love tea. Would be a wonderful treat for both of us to enjoy some quality time together.

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