Your Guide to Getting a Good Night’s Sleep When Pregnant

Pregnancy is exciting but exhausting, especially when you just can’t get a good night’s sleep. You are told to get plenty of rest but when your eyelids refuse to droop and close of a night, what can you do? HARTMANN Direct take a look at five suggestions to help you sleep.

Sleep when pregnant

Some pregnant women are surprised to find that their sleep pattern is disturbed early on in pregnancy. They assume that the ‘tossing and turning’ stage comes with late pregnancy – not that you can move that much!

But surging pregnancy hormones can lead to unpleasant or vivid dreams, as well as the need to visit the bathroom several times a night. With weeks of pregnancy ahead, you can’t afford to be exhausted and dead on your feet.

These five suggestions may be able to give you a few hours shut-eye, no matter which trimester you are in.


#1 Pillow support

As your bump grows, your balance changes and getting comfy on your side in bed can feel like an unobtainable feat.

There is a range of ‘pregnancy pillows’ on the market but some are very expensive. Buying inexpensive pillows and placing one between your knees can help to support your body. Having your partner gently stuff them around your lower back and hips can also be helpful.

Top tip – a large cuddly toy can be great for supporting your body when you sleep on your side. But it can be a bit warm in summer…


#2 Partner support

If you spend nights huffing and puffing with increasing frustration at lack of sleep while your partner blissfully snores, time to take action.

Unfortunately, a run of broken night’s sleep or little in the way of quality rest can leave us feeling anxious. And this means a heightened emotional state that is probably stopping you from drifting off.

Your partner helping you to get comfortable in bed, followed by a pleasant back massage can help you to sleep.


#3 Try different sleeping positions

Many women find the first trimester to be the few weeks in which aches and pains are common. Sleep experts suggest sleeping on your left side as this supposedly helps with circulation.

Sleeping on your back is not recommended as the weight of your baby squishing your organs can make for an uncomfortable sleep. Slipping over onto your back as you sleep won’t do any harm but try to stay on your side if you can.

Heartburn can be another issue for pregnant women which seems to spring into action at night-time. Thus sleeping in a propped up position can be beneficial and far more comfortable than trying to wrestle onto your side when heavily pregnant.


#4 Bedtime routine

Bedtime rituals are considered by many to be the cornerstone of a good night’s sleep. It is a way of triggering your brain into slowing down before you get into bed. It is beneficial for anyone, whether you are pregnant or not.

Reducing caffeine intake during the day can have a beneficial effect as can swapping your evening cup of tea for a non-caffeinated drink.

A warm, relaxing bath accompanied by gentle music can also begin the process of de-stressing and relaxing before bed.

And finally, exercise during the day is also important as this helps to maintain your overall health during pregnancy. Activity can help us de-stress and unwind too, so a pleasant walk during the day, a swim or a pregnancy yoga session is not to be underestimated


#5 Unsettled sleep

Hormones are to blame for a lot of the bizarre and almost nightmarish dreams that some women can suffer from during pregnancy. From dreaming about hairy babies to vivid dreams that cause you to wake. A bedtime ritual can help in settling your mind before you sleep.

Unsettled sleep can also be a sign of something on our mind. Whether it is baby related or not, talking to your partner or discussing any specific concerns, whether you consider them silly or not, with your midwife should also be considered.

And then, there are the dreaded several-times-a-night-bathroom visits. Drink plenty of water during the day, decreasing your intake in an evening. Make sure you visit the bathroom before you get into bed and that you empty your bladder fully.

Some women also read for a short time before settling down for the night but, before they do, make another toilet visit to try to get a longer sleep without a toilet visit.

Getting a good night’s rest is essential for you during pregnancy because, once your baby is here, it will all change again…


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Disclaimer- This is a collaborated post.

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