28 Week Growth Scan

On Friday I had my 28 week growth scan, I was offered one due to my Epilepsy because my medication can lead to low birth weight in the baby. I was looking forward to the scan because it was a chance to see the baby again and to see if it I was growing a giant baby. What was also exciting about this scan is that E was getting to come with us due to being on her school holidays, she was very excited about getting to see the baby.

Luckily we didn’t have to wait long for the scan when I arrived for the appointment, E was kept occupied by the fish tank until we were called in. Once in there I explained to E that she would have to sit with daddy and if she watched the big screen she would see the baby. The sonographer was a really lovely lady and when she started the scan and doing the measurements she pointed out lots of different parts of the baby for E to see. The little wriggler stayed still for majority of the scan to get the measurements then it started to kick a lot which was also cute to see. To actually see what I was feeling was pretty cool.

We managed to get a couple of fab photos from the scan which are quite detailed.

The first one is of the face, if you look closely you can see the nose and the mouth of the baby.

28 weeks growth scan faceThe next photo is the side profile

28 week growth scan profile

We were also have one more photo but it’s just of the little legs.

The measurements for the baby are following a good line, I have been told it wont be a big baby but it also wont be small.. what ever that means, but I will be more than happy with an average sized baby that is healthy.

The measurements of my baby at the scan are :

head circumference: 274.9mm

abdominal circumference :246.0mm

femur length: 52.2mm

est. fetal weight: 1273g/ 2lb 13 ozs

I have no idea if these are good measurements but both the sonographer and the consultant were more than happy with the growth of the baby so that’s a good thing.

We loved getting to see the little wriggler and I have another growth scan to look forward to that is booked for around 35-36 weeks just to see how things are progressing.

The time really is starting to fly by now.


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