Photo Friday – Another Busy Week

It seems like this last week has been quite a busy week, not all of it has been exciting but nether the less it has been busy. Last weekend we were out and about sorting things ready for turning the ‘spare room’ into E’s new bedroom so as to make space for the new arrival.

This week has also been the first week of the school holidays for E, we have survived it so far but I have missed having some time to myself, I have to get used to that again anyway…

The start of the week was E’s preschool leavers party at our local soft play centre, it was manic to say the least, around 60 children, parents and the keyworkers equates to a lot of noise and mayhem. E had a great time with all her friends, they put on some party food which she thought was great – she might not look so excited here but she was busy munching through some yummy food.

Pre school party

After they had played for a couple of hours and eaten they had a little leaver’s ceremony, I didn’t manage to get a photo of E being given her leaver’s certificate, medal and present as it was so busy. But she is so pleased with it all, especially the medal!

Leavers medalShe was also given a lovely story book all about Jelly – which is very apt as E loves jelly and would happily eat it every day of the week, it is now one of her favourite books!

Pre school leavers certificateTalking of jelly – here is E finishing off the last of the jelly in a big bowl that I made, she really does love jelly.

Eating JellyWe have also visited the park a couple of times this week, just trying to keep E busy because when she gets bored she can be a right madam!

On Wednesday this week my parents came to visit us for the day which was lovely. E always gets really excited about seeing them and soon as I tell her they are on the way she sits in front of the window waiting for them, despite it being an hour and a half journey! We had a lovely day with them, Grandad was made to join in with the tea party and eat plastic food and E also had a lot of fun playing in the garden with Grandma, playing picnics, playing catch, watching her on the slide and then Grandma was instructed by E to get in her playhouse whilst E was pretending to be the post man – well this was a sight and I had to straight away get my phone out and get a couple of snaps!

Playing with Grandma

E thought it was great that Grandma got in there and played with her

Grandma in the play houseAs you can see they had a lot of fun!

It has been a good week what with trips to the park, crafting, having my parents visit and of course not forgetting E’s preschool party. I just hope the next six weeks go as well as this one!

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