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5 Stylish Bunk Bed Ideas for Maximising Space in Style

A lot of houses have smaller bedrooms and putting two beds in the same room isn’t always feasible. Particularly for children as it leaves no space to play. Bunk Beds are normally the only way of maximising space.

When I was younger I used to love going to my Aunties house because my brother and I used to get to sleep in a bunk bed. I thought this was so much fun. Now as an adult I see that a bunk bed is the perfect way to sleep more than one child in a bedroom.

I have spoken to a couple of fellow bloggers that have bunk bed’s. They have spoken to me about how bunk beds are important to save space.

Lynne from A Day In The Life Of A Mum of 6 told me that she has 6 children in a 4 bedroom house. She said ‘ My girls are in the box room in bunks, without the bunk beds we wouldn’t have enough room, plus we bought shortie bunk beds to maximise on space’.

A classic example of why bunk beds really help people out when they need the space.

Bedroom interior options have changed and improved a lot over the years. Bunk bed’s are not always boring looking or plain pine. There are so many stylish options to choose from. They make me want to have bunk beds in our house even though we don’t need them – yet.

The Double Dreamer Bunk Bed is fabulous and is the perfect space saver for any room. It can be split down into two beds or one bed and a day bed which makes it a very flexible bed.

Bunk Beds

Some families choose to have bunk beds as they are great if you have friends or family to visit.

Jen from Just Average Jen. She said ‘my son wanted bunk beds and had his teddies on whichever bunk he wasn’t sleeping on, which kept them from taking over his bedroom we only had to move them when he had anyone to sleep over’  I love this, I would loved to have bunk beds for a similar reason. One to sleep on and one to play on.

The Acacia Bibop Bunk Bed is stylish, practical and a great space saver. I love the stairs up to the bed, a safe way of getting up to the top bunk. The integrated shelving is great for keeping belongings close by and creates extra storage space. You can also buy an under bed trundle which is brilliant for when you have guests.

Bunk Beds

I love the style of this bunk bed, the steps make it appealing and safe and the storage areas are great. My eldest was looking over my shoulder and said wow! Can I have a bed like that mummy. Despite having a relatively new bed and not needing bunk beds! She loves it.

Needing a bunk bed still comes down people needing the space. Alison from Five Little Stars said ‘Our children share a small rectangular bedroom. We tried single beds but it felt cluttered and awkward because there was no walking space. The bunk beds have created a nice free area in the middle of the room. Now they can walk (or run!) up and down the room without bumping into their dressers or beds. The children love their bunks.’

The Stompa Uno Multi-Bunk is a well designed bed. it has the option to have a trundle drawer or a storage unit with cupboards and shelves underneath. It can split into 2 single beds. It is s stylish solid Scandinavian pine bunk in a sleek white finish.

Bunk BedsI think if you have the space the choice of a trundle is great, especially if you have guests visiting who need somewhere to sleep.

Not all bunk beds are really expensive, this next bed is really stylish at a reasonable price. Bunk BedsThe Jubilee Bunk Bed is very stylish and sturdy and has contemporary slatted head and foot boards. This great bunk bed will last throughout the years and is an excellent space saver for any bedroom. What’s more, this bunk easily splits into 2 single beds! With the option of a under bed storage or trundle drawer it will hopefully help to keep clutter at bay.

Now I know bunk beds are great for space-saving, but as I have discovered many have them so there is also space for guests. So when there are no guests think how much fun having the bottom bunk would be for making dens and playing on. I am starting to find the attraction of bunk beds.

This Solitaire White Bunkbed is another great value for money stylish bunk bed. It is perfect for when two children need to share or for sleepover’s. This bunk bed splits down into to full size single beds.  As part of the Solitaire building system, this bunk can be converted to a Midsleeper or High Sleeper with the addition of a building kit that you can purchase. This is a very versatile reasonably priced bunk bed.

Bunk Beds

There are so many stylish bunk beds available. When I was younger the only ones I ever encountered were basic pine – they did the job. When it comes to choosing a bunk bed now there is such a wide range to choose from.

Whether you’re looking to update a bunk bed or want to buy one to save space, check out bunk beds for Room to Grow. There is an amazing selection. I think the next bed we purchase in this house will end up being a bunk bed. It will be perfect for sleep overs and guests.


Disclaimer -this is a collaborated post.



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13 thoughts on “5 Stylish Bunk Bed Ideas for Maximising Space in Style

  1. We love our white wooden bunk beds they are fantastic as we have limited space in our bungalow. The great thing is the beds come apart so when the time comes for us to move we can take the beds with us.

  2. I had a bunk bed for many years with my sister, we loved it! It is honestly such a space saver – we’ll be looking to get one in a few years as baby #3 is due to make an appearance any day, he’ll be sharing a room with his brother, but our house has box rooms, so we’ll be making the most of the space however we can!

  3. My girls have been begging for bunk beds for years but I refuse because I know it will end in a fight as to who sleeps at the top and at the moment I’m dealing with so many daily fights I’m not sure I could do a new one as well.

  4. Hi! Lynsey, I was worried about maximizing the space in my bedroom with style. Your blog gave me the idea of bunk bed for maximizing the space. I like your idea, now I can also decorate my home with bunk bed. Thanks.

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