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Ace Cleaning Products – Review & Competition

Spring has well and truly sprung – well it did a while ago. Not that it has felt much like spring. Snow, rain and miserable days. Its only now the weather appears to be improving. I don’t know what it is about this time of year, I always seem to feel like cleaning.

Now I am far from a domestic goddess, our house is messy as we have two children. Toys, paper, crayons and much more everywhere. However, one thing that is important is the house being clean. So when I was offered to try out Ace cleaning and laundry products, I thought what perfect timing with spring cleaning.

Ace Cleaning products

I have heard of ACE cleaning products before, however as I usually do our weekly shop online I tend to stick to the products I’ve always use. I was looking forward to seeing what their products were like.

The first product I tried was the Ace Multi Purpose Spray. I am always using Multi Purpose sprays in the house. Whether its cleaning the kitchen or wiping down the window sills, it is my go to product for my cleaning.

Ace Cleaning Products

The ACE Multi Purpose cleaner can not only clean all the usual places in your home like your hard surfaces, counters, tables and sinks but it can also be used as a fabric stain remover! It is pretty much the ACE for Colours in a handy spray bottle. Which is very good for those quick cleaning jobs around the house even on limescale!

We were also sent Ace Power Moose which uses both ACE cleaning power and bleach to get even better results.

Ace Claeaning Products

It uses a special formulation with bleach and degreaser which is paired with their patented technology in the nozzle system creates a great mousse that is precise and had no drips or splashes. The foam creates small and precise bubble like areas with each spray! The ACE Power Mousse can be used on hard surfaces and as a fabric stain remover on white items, it’s not suitable for use on colours!

One thing I did find about the moose is once it has been rubbed in there is a very distinct bleach smell. I have used it in the bathroom with the window open. The Ace power moose has made my bathroom sparkly clean.

The two other products we sent are laundry items. ACE for Colours and Ace for whites.

Ace cleaning products

I am always really careful on what laundry products I use, particularly with the children. They both have sensitive skin and some products can make my youngest eczema flare up.

ACE for colours formula has been designed to combat the tough stains while being gentle on delicate fabrics. It is safe to use on wool, silk and even on cashmere, making it the perfect stain remover. Being a mum to a messy toddler I seem to go though as may clothes as him. Where he manages to put his sticky hands on me or when he spills something on me. As I write this I have tooth paste on my cardigan that he kindly wiped on me. I have found the product to work well even on my jeans covered in mud.

ACE for whites specifically formulated to work better on lighter fabrics; ACE for Whites helps brighten dull whites while still being gentle on delicate clothes. This has been great on my husband shirts he wears for work functions. They normally have some sort of stain on them or just look great in general. ACE for whites has worked wonders on making them whiter. It works great on delicate items too.

You can use both of these as a pre-treatment on laundry to help remove stubborn and dried on stains or as a household cleaner around the home.

As a whole I am quite impressed with ACE cleaning products and I would definitely use them again.
Ace are kindly offering one of my readers the opportunity to win the same cleaning products that I have reviewed. Entry is via the gleam app below.
Closing date 10th May 2018. UK only

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Disclaimer – We were sent the products in exchange for this review.

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