There’s No Secret To Being A Good Parent

For the love of Peppa and George, there is no secret formula to being a good parent.

I am so over some of the crap I read about certain subjects.  Honestly.  There is no one way to guarantee you are being a good parent.  From issues such as breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding to vaccinating, I am over it.

I truly feel bad for people having babies these days.  Although J just turned two and a half , I didn’t feel that much pressure over the years concerning decisions that I made as a mother.  These days I feel like there is SO MUCH damn pressure.

When I had my eldest almost 7 years ago, I was one of the first of my friends to take that leap.  No one judged me…or it seemed like no one did.  I didn’t read much beyond the Your Pregnancy: Week by Week book.  I was clueless and it turns out that babysitting and running a toddler club on a holiday park,  I had done for years didn’t really help much.  You see, working with children is NOTHING like parenting.

I had my daughter…and I breast-fed.  It worked for me however there were times when I wasn’t sure if E was getting enough milk. Other bottle fed babies were drinking loads of milk. The hospital was great and no one was judged what ever way they fed their babies.

It wasn’t until I had J, four years later, that people started to feel more pressure to breast feed. I made the decision to breast feed again, however this time it came with no end of trouble. Mum’s were told that breast is best.

Also,  ALL of my children have been fully vaccinated.  This is a choice we made.  Yes, there are times when I spread them out a bit…split up a few here and there.  Again, another choice.

Both children slept in a Moses basket then a cot bed.  I didn’t necessarily let them cry it out when they were babies.  But I did get them on a nice schedule so they would sleep a good 11 hours in their cot at night and take naps in there as well.  I didn’t let them cry for hours.  I reassured them and I was consistent.  It worked for US.  Again, another choice for us as a family.

Now the eldest is in a big girl bed she does sometimes wake early and come wondering in to our room and once J is up everyone gets into the bed. I am in need of a king size mattress to fit everyone in.

But all of these parenting choices are what work for us…they don’t make us any better OR any less of a parent.

If you have a baby and you breast feed, GOOD FOR YOU. Decide to bottle feed, GREAT.  If you co-sleep, AWESOME.  If you put your baby to sleep in a cot, WONDERFUL.  Choose to vaccinate, RIGHT ON.  If not, THAT’S COOL.    If you put your baby in nursery, FABULOUS.  Decide to be stay home with your child, FANTASTIC.  If you make your own baby food, YOU ROCK.  If you use store bought food, YOU STILL ROCK.

I simply can’t read another judgy article or comments on the internet.  I just might lose it.

More than I already have.

So calm down people.  We are all doing the best we can as parents.  There is no right way to do this.  If there was, I would write a book and make millions.


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