Adulthood isnt always easy

Adulthood Isn’t Always Easy

A lot of people claim that adulthood is easy once you get the hang of it. Those people could just be liars. Or maybe being an adult isn’t that hard. Maybe I’m the only one who still has to look up information like “How much water should I drink a day?” and  “How long do I boil and egg for?”

A while ago I asked myself what I really valued about life. It was during the whole I lack focus and easily go off on a tangent phase. When I took away all pointless crap that I spend my time doing, I realized that not dying was important to me. That’s why I devote so much time to thinking about important issues like water consumption and lesser items like responsibility. How important is it that I remember my people’s birthday or if my house looks like a show room?

Adulthood is not easy. I think its goddamn hard. There are so many moving parts, especially when you are responsible for the happiness and well-being of children. Motherhood + Adulthood = Things just got real. Also if you have a child or husband that likes to be on the go slow things get a little harder. I wrote a post a while ago that is all about parenting when your impatient. Which also talks about how impatient I am when it comes to people being on the go slow.

I was planning on going away, just to escape the daily grind. It was my husband that pointed out that my passport is out of date. This was several months ago and it is only now I remember that I need to renew it. There are plenty of different things I should be doing, instead I’m sat here making sure I am hydrated. Especially as we have a mini heat wave. I find myself constantly supplying my children with water to,  thanks to google.

If I could just go back in time for a while, maybe to University. I still had responsibility but it was making sure assignments were in on time. There was plenty of fun and it didn’t matter if I had a pot noodle for tea. I had a room to keep clean and dishes to wash. That part of adulthood I was good at being sociable and drinking wine, this was my was my way of keeping hydrated!

Fast forward twenty years and I am trying to figure out what that one thing I am going to rock as an adult. I’m not a domestic goddess, which is why it takes me all day to straighten up one room and forget to go to the shop to buy bleach and bread. I managed to kill an orchid, however so far I have kept my children fed and clean which is an achievement. I’m not a very good cook and tend to serve the same sort of meals weekly. I really not sure if I will ever rock adulthood or simply just drift along.

In the mean time, if you see me and I look like I might have my shit together, remember that I’m still not rocking adulthood.




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1 thought on “Adulthood Isn’t Always Easy

  1. We have all been there. 12 years later I still feel like I have baby brain and forget the simplest things. Today I walked out without a bra on lol

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