I’m a Routine Mum

I am one of those highly irritating, plan ruining, visit inhibiting, clock watching, fun stealing, routine parents. Well that’s how some people probably view me. I like to pretend that I had no choice but to be a routine parent because I began my motherhood journey being constantly monitored due to my epilepsy.  They made […]

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Stay at home mum

10 Things that Surprised Me About Being A Stay At Home Mum

When I was younger I never thought I would get married let alone have children. I enjoyed travelling to many places in the world. I loved having fun jobs such as an entertainer, a magicians assistant, working in pantomimes and on a cruise ship.  Life was fun and spontaneous.  Then it all changed when out of the […]

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Kids Feature image

20 Things You Never Want To Hear Your Kids Say

There are few things as important to parents as communication with our kids. From the time they’re born we can’t wait to hear what they’re thinking. Like what’s going on in their heads when they spend 20 minutes laughing crazily at a beam of sunshine, and why do they insist on picking up things they […]

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Happy Geature image

Ten Things That Make Me Truly Happy

I am the sort of person that gets stressed out easily. I do sometimes find parenting hard, especially to a very strong-willed toddler. There are however a few things that make me truly happy. 1) A really hot, great smelling bubble bath. (Even when I am surrounded by bath toys or have the children running […]

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There’s No Secret To Being A Good Parent

For the love of Peppa and George, there is no secret formula to being a good parent. I am so over some of the crap I read about certain subjects.  Honestly.  There is no one way to guarantee you are being a good parent.  From issues such as breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding to vaccinating, I am over it. […]

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