Childrens Advent Calendars

Advent Calendar’s For Children

We are hurtling towards the most magical time of the year, Christmas. It’s only a few weeks away now until the countdown to Christmas begins and the advent season is well upon us.

Some form of the Advent Calendar has been used for more than 150 years and becomes increasingly popular every year. From a traditional calendar to calendars that feature popular collectibles and themes, there is an advent calendar for everyone.

As a little girl I used to love opening a door on my chocolate advent calendar to see what Christmas shape chocolate was hiding behind it, this little treat was a great way to countdown to Christmas and before I knew it I was opening the last door – which was always the largest chocolate which meant it was Christmas Eve and If I had been a good girl Father Christmas would be coming to our house that night.

Advent calendars have, like many things, become a lot more commercialised. There are so many different choices out there and as this is a family blog I thought I would share some of the options with you.

The first calendar is the Lego Advent Calendar – there are so many versions available. Ones on the market include the Lego City Advent Calendar, Lego Star Wars and Lego Friends advent calendar.

Lego City Advent CalendarThe price of these advent calendars range from £20.99 to £30 which might seem a little expensive for an advent calendar but the Lego items will compliment a current Lego collection. You may expect this advent calendar to be as popular with grown-ups as it is children.

You can purchase the Lego city one on Amazon.
Playmobil are another great advent calendar. This year you can find a number of kits to build your own Playmobil scene including Santas workshop, a Farm, Police Raid and a Princess Wedding. Each day you get new part of the scene to build up until on at the end you have the full kit to play with. Such a large selection to choose from.

Playmobil Santas Workshop Advent Calendar

Playmobil Advent Calendars retail around £18 – yes again expensive and like all playmobil toys there are a lot of small parts. These advent calendars do look a lot of fun.

One for the little girls is the Barbie Advent Calendar, count down to Christmas Barbie Style! Each door contains a Barbie fashion item. Little treats for the Barbie dolls with shoes, accessories and all things pretty.

Barbie Advent CalendarThis Barbie advent Calendar retails at £10.99 . A lot cheaper than the other calendars and any Barbie fan will love all the new accessories. The price  for Barbie Advent Calendars range from £10-£15.
Any Moshi Monster fan will love this calendar, there are 17 moshlings dusted with snow and 7 moshlings in Christmas outfits. I don’t know that much about Moshlings except that they are little creatures that live in the wilds of the Moshi Monsters world.

Childrens Advent CalendarsThis retails at 14.99 and will add to any moshlings collection.

Whilst all of the above advent calendars look amazing, they are all very expensive. I still think a firm favourite in this house is the chocolate advent calendar, after all who doesn’t like having a chocolate every day on the run up to Christmas?

Cadbury Advent CalendarI love the Cadbury ones, so very tasty. There are a lot of different chocolate calendars on the market, a variety of themed ones such as Peppa Pig, Frozen and Thomas the Tank Engine. These calendars can vary in price from £1 to £3.50.

I also like the calendars that you can buy that can be used year after year, the ones where you chose what goes in them. Some of them are felt and some wooden.

Felt Christmas Advent Calendar

The reusable calendars vary in price and they are great for putting you own little treats and surprises in.
As you can see there are so many different types of advent calendar for children, what sort will you child be having this year?




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7 thoughts on “Advent Calendar’s For Children

  1. I would love to get my son the Moshi Monster one, but this year I literally do not have the money. So it will have to be the usual Cadbury’s chocolate one. I also need to find a white chocolate one for my youngest.

    Laura x x x

  2. We were never allowed advent calendars as children, I totally missed out…and even now my husband often forgets to buy me one. I love the advent calendars you can reuse year and year again, they’re always so pretty, and I love the thought and imagination that you need to put into them.

    1. We had chocolate ones as children, my husband and I used to do the ones you can reuse, but didn’t last year. Will be digging them out again this year.

  3. We brought the moshi monster one this year the kids loved it! then. we brought it in March when it was cheap thinking that it will be different moshlings… it wasn’t but got another 25 moshlings for £4.50 😀 I like the idea of toys in an advent calender, i think it adds to the excitement as the kids get loads of chocolate anyway during the last week before xmas x

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