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An Outfit For Every Occasion With Love The Sales

I am a bargain hunter and quite frequently I can be heard saying “I got it in the sale”. These days I am normally browsing the sales for clothes for the children. When it comes to shopping for me I am always last.

Sales shopping online is easy and stress free. I love going shopping but the sale rails rarely have the sizes I want and after a few shops the children start moaning.

I can spend ages browsing all the different websites, which is really time consuming. So when I was told about Love The Sales, a website that shows all the sales that are online in one place, I couldn’t wait to have a look. Love the Sales is a referral website and has almost every brand I could think off.

Looking around the website, I decided to make some wish lists – my husband frowned at this as he knows that some of the wish lists may get purchased!

Firstly, Special Occasion. Very occasionally I get to go to special occasions through my husbands work.

I absolutely love Reiss Clothes so I was pleased to find that Reiss is on Love the Sales. For my special occasion outfit I chose a lovely long evening style dress and shoes from Reiss, a fab bag from Kurt Gieger and a stunning necklace from Hot Diamonds.

Being a stay at home mum I have to wear practical and comfy clothes. High heels are not ideal for pushing a pushchair on the school run.

Love the SalesI am in love with some of the sales clothes that Joules has. White jeans are not always practical around J but I think they look lovely, especially in the summer months. The navy top will compliment it as will these comfy looking shoes from Dorothy Perkins. When I am out and about with J my bag is normally a changing bag or rucksack, however when I occasionally get some child free time, I like to have a nice bag. This lovely Rebecca Minkoff red bag is lovely and is the perfect size for everything I need.

Occasionally I get a night out with the girls. Organising a night out is hard enough and is never guaranteed with us all having children. When I do get to go out I like the opportunity to be girly yet comfortable.

Love the SalesTed Baker have some lovely clothes, this skirt might seem a little pricey but I know it is one I would get a lot of wear out of. I have quite a few tops from warehouse in my wardrobe, this one would look great with the skirt. Some lovely silver sandals from Kiomi would finish the outfit off nicely. A nice bag is always needed on a night out, this Kurt Geiger one looks really nice.

Love the Sales is a fantastic website, it is so easy to navigate. You can either search for a brand or just type in what you are looking for, such as ‘silver sandals’ and it will bring back every silver sandal on the website. Love the Sales really does make sale shopping easier and is somewhere I will visit again. Especially when I am after a bargain.


Discolosure – This is a collaborative post.



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6 thoughts on “An Outfit For Every Occasion With Love The Sales

  1. Oh you have chosen some lovely bits. I have recently discovered this website – such a great idea!!! I love the fact that it is just one website that directs you to all others, I rarely have time to sit online and shop these days so I found that this really easy and fast to find what I was looking for!

  2. I love the things you have picked out, especially the Ted Baker Skirt. I have collaborated with Love the Sales before, it really is a great website isn’t it. All the things we need on one website! X

  3. I love that Ted Baker skirt it’s gorgeous. I love a bargain and try never to pay full price for things, that way I can have more! I also most of my shopping online now and very rarely look in shops. It’s so much easier when you are a parent x

  4. Oh you have some amazing picks there, I love everything you choose but the red handbag is just gorgeous. I have a real love of red leather, lol. That sounds a bit dubious!

    I’ve not heard of Love the Sales before, so I’m going to head over there for a look. Thanks, Mich x

  5. Oh I love Ted Baker! I really like your outfit choices I think our styles are very similar. Great that you can create wish lists although mine would probably end up being very long. Its really helpful to see everything in one place if you are looking for something specific as well. Off to check it out x

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