Bat Silhouette Craft For Children

With Halloween only a week away I thought I would try to do some Halloween related crafts. This is a super quick and easy activity making Bat silhouettes, this will keep toddlers occupied for a while and the finished product turns out quite well.

Cat craft for kidsWhat you need :-

  • Black Card
  • Paint
  • Scissors
  • Blue tack or painters tape
  • Bat Printable

First of all print out the bat printable which I found on another website, the link is above. Or if you are really creative then you can make your own bat shapes. Then attach the bats onto the card using painters tape or blue tack as they need to be easy to remove once finished.

Get all your supplies out and then  dab around the edges of the bats with different coloured paints, this can be done using a paint brush or using your fingers, E enjoyed doing a bit of both.

Bat Craft paintingOnce you have gone round the outline then continue to dab splodges of paint around the rest of the card, make sure there is plenty of paint around the edges so that the bats will show up. E decided it was time to get messy and get her fingers in the paint and mix up all the colours.

Finger painting halloween batsOnce the card is covered in paint splodges of different colours put it to one side to dry.

Bat craft

Once the paint is dry slowly peel off the bats and hopefully you will have a wonderful masterpiece showing the silhouette of the bats, nice and colourful for Halloween.

One thing I have learnt with doing arts and crafts with E is that any ideas I have never quite turns out like the masterpiece I thought it would be, it’s all about E getting messy, exploring with colours and textures and having a lot of fun.

When we took the bats of and I realised that this little masterpiece is just how I had hoped it would look. E then pointed out that the bats didn’t have any eyes, so after a little look in our craft drawers we found some little sparkly gems which made perfect eye’s. Overall we are both really pleased with the Halloween bats picture.

Halloween bat

I hope you have fun making your own bat silhouette pictures.

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