Bump Watch 35 Weeks

35 weeks baby bumpThirty Five Weeks pregnant and we are on the home stretch, which means only 35 more days give or take until the little wriggler joins us, writing it as only 35 days makes me realise how soon our little family of three is going to become a little hectic family of four.

The average baby at this stage is around 18 inches long and weighs around 5 1/4 pounds – averaging the size of a Honeydew Melon. Now that the baby has run out of room it isn’t doing somersaults anymore but it still very active. The kidneys are fully developed now and the baby’s liver can process some waste products. The baby’s main development over the coming weeks is weight gain, it is said that it now looks like a lovely newborn baby just not as heavy. They currently have close to 15% fat on their body, but this will be closer to 30% by the time they’re born in a few weeks’ time.

This last week baby has definitely got heavier and my latest symptom I have really been suffering with is back ache, i know i had a little back ache towards the end when I was pregnant with E but not this early on and not this bad. The discomfort it causes is immense and nothing seems to ease it.  I actually look forward to lying down in bed on a night when it is really bad.

This last week I haven’t had any problems with heartburn which has been welcomed. Other symptoms are the standard getting tired quickly, turns out this growing a human business can be immensely tiring this far on and i have noticed being a little out of breath a couple of times this week. I am trying to take it easy a little more now but that isn’t very easy with a four year old to look after.

E started school this last week, just mornings for a couple of weeks, but i have been making the most of the quiet time to put my feet up and I have also had a couple of naps.

As the baby is taking up a lot of room I find with some meals I get full really quickly yet other times i feel like I can eat for England. I am enjoying snacking on fruit and then the unhealthy craving is anything sweet. Chocolate, Jaffa cakes, cake, coke, sweets – everything that is really bad for you but the baby seems to enjoy it and certainly moves around a lot after a few sweet treats.

I am slowly getting things ready for the arrival of the baby, its safe to say were probably not as organised as we should be but we have had a lot of stuff going on here lately. A broken boiler, a burst water pipe which has meant having our drive dug up and it fixed and much more. At least it’s all happened before the baby is here! I have finally bought a moses basket so baby will have somewhere to sleep, I have washed some baby clothes so just need to iron them and then I can start to think about putting a hospital bag together.

That’s all there is to report this week, check back for more Bump Watch next week.

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