Bump Watch 36 Weeks

36 weeks pregant36 weeks eek… Only four weeks give or take left to go! That is kind of exciting but also quite scary at the same time. Now that E has started school full time I am slowly getting some time back to myself. This is lovely but I am aware this is only for a few weeks so I better not get too used to it! I sometimes wonder my sanity for starting all over again.

At this stage the average baby weighs almost 6lbs and is more than 18 and half inches long. This is equivalent to a water melon or the size of a head of a romaine lettuce. The baby is still gaining weight at the stage getting ready for its entry into the world.

The baby’s hearing is also extra sharp during these last few weeks and may develop favourite sounds or songs that It will enjoy after it is born. With E running around the house singing songs from Frozen it will be getting used to that. It has been noticed that when we do the bedtime story and songs the baby always gets really active.

I had a midwife appointment last week. She took some blood to test for iron to see if my levels have gone up. I have been feeling really tired this last week or so. it could be that my levels need raising a bit more or that my crazy low blood pressure I have is making me feel rough. Plus the fact that I am heavily pregnant, it seems that everything is against me. Everything else about the appointment was good, baby has a nice strong heart beat and was moving around a lot.

I am measuring a little bit ahead but hopefully growth is slowing down a little. Baby is in the perfect position for birth and has dropped down. Her parting comment was try to keep baby in there a few more weeks if possible. I think all the Braxton hicks contractions I am having and being so low does make her wonder when baby will make an appearance.

The good thing about baby dropping down is that I feel like I can eat more now. I don’t get heart burn as often, it still rears its ugly head occasionally. The major downside is that baby is bouncing around on my bladder so I seem to constantly be visiting the toilet. Getting comfortable at night can be a challenge and I wake plenty of times to go to the toilet. I just tell myself that there will be a newborn baby here in a few weeks and the sleepless nights are preparing me  for night feeds.

Talking of feeding I plan to try to breast feed again, hopefully all will go well as it did last time. Today I ventured out for a little retail therapy and finally got round to purchasing feeding bras.

This last week we have been busy getting things ready for the arrival of the little wriggler. The small bedroom has been transformed back into a nursery and all the baby clothes have been washed. This coming week I need to pack the hospital bags and make a list to make sure we have got everything we need.

In between getting organised I am making sure I put my feet up when ever possible to rest. Speaking of which its time for me to turn the laptop off, munch on some chocolate and relax.

That’s all for this week check back for the next update next we

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