Third Trimester Mood Swings

My moods are swinging more than a child on a playground. In the same breath, in no particular order, I will cry, laugh hysterically and scream. The book, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” says women experience extreme mood swings in the third trimester, and our partners are going to have to have a little extra patience… I think everyone I encounter needs to have a little extra patience, especially as my husband is away four days of the working week.

I would like write a book about pregnancy and I would have to say, “In the Third Trimester you will experience extreme bouts of psychopathic behaviour, it’s best to seclude yourself from your husband, family and friends, when this behaviour occurs. If possible fully sound proof and pad the walls in a small room in your home, as you will feel an over whelming need to scream and throw things. Also, it will be incredibly necessary to ask your partner to be hypnotized to forget all of your third trimester behaviour. This will prevent you from future blackmail and grief. Don’t worry you will forget this ugly behaviour as well thanks to pregnancy amnesia.”

Let me just tell you, these mood swings are nothing like the first and second trimester “edginess.” Yesterday I ranted at some delivery driver for questioning me about where to put items being delivered from B&Q – we have been having a fitted wardrobe fitted and have had no end of problems so he took the brunt for that. Sorry Mr delivery man. I also found myself ranting, yet again at my husband yesterday, granted him working away really isn’t helping matters as I feel like I am doing everything – well to be fair I am. But now I cannot even remember what I was ranting about and I think he was questioning why I was yelling at him. Apparently every time I ring him I moan, yell or rant, but seriously the last 8 months should have trained him by now to deal with these up and down moods and a little understanding would help…

How much more can pregnancy throw at me in the next few weeks?? Ok that’s a rhetorical question. I am so mentally drained right now, I don’t know how I feel anymore and the only really understanding person is my midwife. I so want to just smile all the time then the crazy lady pregnancy hormones kick in and I find myself scowling and ranting about something or get the feeling of just wanting to cry.

But here is the crazy part, I just don’t care. Just like my husband has been run over by the pregnancy moods, so have I. I just keep telling myself that there are only a few more weeks to go and I should just relax and enjoy the rest of this pregnancy as much as possible.

Pregnancy mood ecard

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