Children's Christmas Gift Guide

Children’s Christmas Gift Guide 2017

It has reached that time of year where everyone is focusing on Christmas. Christmas gift shopping can be one of the most time consuming aspect of Christmas, especially when you have no idea what to buy people. There are so many toys on the market that its always hard to know to buy. Hopefully my Children’s Christmas Gift guide will give you some great ideas.


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1 -Sylvanian Family Starry Point lighthouse

Childrens Christmas Gift Guide 2017

This wonderful lighthouse would make a brilliant addition to any fans collection this Christmas. The lighthouse is a great size and only requires a small amount of assembly. The lighthouse decor has a very whimsical seaside theme throughout. What is great about the set is that it comes with a little bit of furniture. The set however doesn’t come with any figures so it is worth buying some figures to go with the set. The sturdy lighthouse has two floors and the ceiling can be removed to create a larger space. The set also has a cute upstairs balcony with the lighthouse top.

What makes the lighthouse particularly special is the projector. There are three brilliant slides you can project onto your ceiling, including stars, fireworks and the Sylvanian sky ride adventure in front of the moon. In a dark room they look amazing. The projector has an on and off button and requires 3 AAA batteries. The lighthouse is very well-built and will entertain any child for hours. The recommended age is 4+, the RRP is £59.99 and it can be purchased from a range of retailers including Toysrus


 2. Wicked Riders Loop and Jump Pack

Childrens Christmas Gifrt Guide 2017


The Micro Riderz Loop and Jump pack is brilliant! So much fun. The set includes two motorbikes, four ramps and the loop track. The Micro Riderz are extremely fast. They are said to travel over 50m at speeds of up to 470mph. After trying out the set we discovered that if you pull the bikes backwards and then put the bike a little further up into the loop, it then goes round super quick. If the bikes are placed at the bottom of the loop they don’t seem to spin round. The Micro Riderz are a fantastic present for an older child. RRP £10. You can buy the Micro Riderz set from most toy shops, including Menkind.


3. Heely’s

Childrens Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Heely’s are so much fun, they are the ultimate way to get around. They are a trainer style shoe with a wheel in the heel. They are an ingenious, cool looking skate-shoe that enables children to transform an ordinary walk into a much more lively and interesting journey altogether. All Heelys have removable wheels so it gives the child the opportunity to switch between walking and skating when ever you like. You can buy two-wheel and one wheel Heely’s. These two-wheel Heelys are perfect for a child that is just starting out with Heelying It makes the learning process that little bit easier. Learning to use Heely’s can take a bit of practice but once your child gets the hang of it they will always want to wear them. Heelys are the perfect way to get out in the fresh air whilst having some fun. Heelys come in all different sizes and prices. This pair of Heelys’s RRP are £64.99 Take a look at where they have a wide range to choose from.


 4. Spider-Man Remote Control Web Wheelie

Childrens Christmas Gift Guide 2017


Spider-Man Marvel Web Wheelie™ is an awesome RC vehicle from Toy state. With Spider-Man riding on the back you can pop wheelies as you drive! You can even do incredible 360 degree spins with Spider man on aboard. The rear wheels of the car light up as you drive which adds to the great remote control vehicle. What makes this a great remote control car for all marvel and spider man fans is that Spider Man controls the car, so it looks like he is driving the car using his ‘web’. The Radio Control has 2.4 GHz Frequency. The vehicle is approximately 35cm in length.  Age 6+ RRP £49.99. You can buy the set as most toy shops including Smyths.


5. Wicked Vision Night Booma


Children's Christmas Gift Guide 2017

The Wicked Night Booma is a great glow in the dark boomerang. It’s not like the traditional boomerang you expect to see in Australia! It is made of unbreakable phosphorescent polymer, Wicked Night Booma looks truly amazing as it lights up the night sky, The Booma has a tri blade making it super easy to throw. You simply hold one side and throw and it comes right back to you. They are easy to throw and catch and there are instructions in case you cant figure it out. This is a great present for an older child. RRP £9.99 You can buy the Wicked Night Booma from a range of retailers and on from Wicked Vision Website.


6. Lego Friends Pizzeria.

Children's Christmas Gift Guide 2017

Most children love Lego, which makes it the perfect gift for Christmas. The Lego Friends Pizzeria is a great set, there is a kitchen with a fab pizza oven where you can pretend to cook the pizza.  The pizzeria features a downstairs kitchen with opening door and windows, a pizza oven, worktop, sink, hob, cash register, and plant stand. There is a seating area for customers and a pizza delivery van so that you can deliver your pizzas. The set comes with two Lego friends mini figures. The set has 289 pieces and comes with easy to follow instructions. RRP £24.99 Age6+ Can be purchased at various retailers including the .


7. Despicable Me 3 Radio Control Inflatable Fluffy

Children's Christmas Gift Guide


The Remote Control Inflatable Fluffy is a cute inflatable 3D Fluffy character with wheels on the base. Fluffy is easy to set up. Instructions are included but it is pretty self-explanatory to set up. You simply inflate as you would any inflatable, and use a screwdriver to open up the base section and add the batteries in. Fluffy requires 6 AA batteries – 4 in base unit and 2 in the controller (not included), and comes complete with puncture repair sticker in case of accidents. The controller is easy to use, with just two buttons. A forwards and a 360 button, enabling fluffy to do full circle turns. The great thing about Fluffy is that she can be deflated for storage until children want to play with it again. RRP £24.99. Age 3+. Can be purchased from various shops including The entertainer


8. Carlton Augmented Reality Books

Children's Christmas Gift Guide

The Carlton Augmented Reality (AR) books are amazing, I have never come across a book that has a major wow factor! Augmented Reality is the integration of digital information into the user’s environment in real-time. AR usually uses say an iPad camera to show what would look like an object in your room, which wouldn’t normally be there. Each book has a free app to download, once downloaded your ready to go. The book’s have plenty of information and some pages have special AR activation page. Open the app, scan the page and then a dinosaur or other animal will magically appear in front of your eyes.  Once the animal appears you can make them bigger, get them to walk across the room and then they Roar!  The Predators book has rattle snakes that lash out at you, crocodiles that snap and so much more. What’s even better is the price tag with a RRP of £9.99. You can purchase them from Carlton books.


9. Lego Elves – The Capture of Sophie Jones

Children's Christmas Gift Guide

The Capture of Sophie Jones is brilliant Lego set. Based in the magical world of Elvendale. Inside the box there are two bags of Lego pieces, a sticker sheet and an easy to follow instruction book. Once built the set makes a magical portal, Mr Spry’s grocery store which has lots of items including a price list. Mr Spry the squirrel has a cosy quarters above the shop, with a little couch to sleep on and a family picture on the wall. Barblin the goblin rides a capture-mobile with a big butterfly net which moves up and down, great for capturing Sophie with. The set includes 226 pieces, 1 x Sophia Jones minifigure , Barblin the Goblin, Mr. Spry the squirrel figures. The set RRP is £17.99. Age 7 +. The set can be purchased from various shops including the


10. Aqua Beads Despicable Me Minions Playset

Children's Christas Gift Guide


The Aqua Beads Despicable Me Minions Playset has everything you need to create your favourite Minion characters. The set includes a tray, that is laid out to give you access to 700 beads in ten assorted colours. Also in the box you will find a water sprayer and a bead pen which is used to place the beads onto the templates. There are two double-sided templates also included, however you can also use your imagination and make anything you would like. Once you have made the design you want, simply spray with the water and wait ten minuets. The bead peeler makes taking you minions of the template easy. The aquabeads set is a perfect gift for any creative children. Age 4+. RRP £21.99. The set can be bought at ToysRUs.


11. Gassy The Cow Game


Gassy the cow is set to be one of the most wanted games this Christmas. As you might guess the game is about a cow and its bodily functions. The game is fun, yet easy to play. To play, each player spins the spinner, if it lands on the colour of their boots they walk up to Gassy and pull his tail. You then have to wait to see what comes out. Will it be poo? wee? or the golden mega poo? The winner is the one with the cleanest boots. You can read more about Gassy The Cow in my review. Age 4+ RRP £24.99. Available at Toys R Us.


12. Num Noms Nail Polish Maker

ChildrensThe Num Noms Nail Polish Maker is the perfect girly gift. The nail polish café includes everything you need to make your own custom scented nail polish. Making the nail polish is relatively straight forward. Choose a colour/flavour, add glitter and mix it all up. It can be a little tricky getting it into the nail polish base, but once you have mastered that you have great smelling nail polish that would make a girl the envy of all her friends. In the set you get 1 nail polish base, 3 nail polish colours/ scent, glitter, nail stencils, nail decals – everything you need to make perfect nail polish. You also get 2 finger rests that double as booth seats for your Num Noms. The nail polish maker is a lot of fun to play with, it is definitely a great gift for a Num Nom fan this Christmas. RRP £39.99. Available at Smythys Toys.


We have had so much fun testing out the above items, I think I have had just as much fun as the children.  I hope this guide gives you some great ideas of gifts that you can buy, for children of all ages. Hopefully the gift guide has also taken some of the stress away from Christmas shopping.



Disclaimer – This is a collaborated Gift Guide. However all words and opinions about these amazing toys are my own.

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8 thoughts on “Children’s Christmas Gift Guide 2017

  1. There are so many gift ideas here! Awesome toys.. I am really keen to try those augmented books, I think they would blow my sons mind.. and the sylvanian lighthouse is so pretty. I also want heelys.. they should make them for adults!!

    Will be letting my children read this and see if they can pick things they may like from Santa later. Thanks for this. Super useful guide!

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