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My Home Improvement’s Wish List

During the summer months we are outside a lot, making the most of the longer days and the sunshine. Letting the children run around and going on little adventures. It is only when the colder months creep up on us that I am aware of our home. The mess, the furniture and soft furnishings and the general lack of snuggly comfy things.

There are quite a lot of home improvements I would like to do. Firstly and most importantly is our bedroom. We have lived here a while now and it is the one room that hasn’t yet been decorated. One of the reasons being we can’t decide on a colour. We have talked about built-in furniture as It would give us more space, I am not sure about it as of yet.

Home improvements

What I do want is some cosy bedding, new curtains and other furnishings. I have always fancied having a tub style chair in the bedroom, just somewhere cosy to sit.

Another room that needs a revamp is our living room. In the ideal world I would like a feature wall, I find the lounge not very cosy at all. Just isn’t homely enough and is full of clutter – children’s toys.

home improvements

I like the idea of wall paper on one wall and the rest of the room painted in nice neutral tones. Then some cosy throws on the sofa, nice cushions and a nice lamp. It all sounds like the perfect cosy living room.

There is one room that we will need to be thinking about soon and that is J’s room, the time will come when he will want more of a big boy room. I expect the yellow walls of the nursery will change and a theme will establish. He seems to like dinosaurs so I think it would be pretty cool to give him a big boy dinosaur room. I have seen some amazing wall stickers, I came across this wall decal which would look amazing if we had a wall with nothing against it.

home improvements

Our home is a three bedroom house with very little storage, one room is a box room. I always liked the idea of turning the loft into an Attic room, I know in theory we don’t have the space, you should see our loft. We don’t have space for everything that is up there, let alone a new room.

If we did it would make a great room for one of the my eldest. A special bedroom just for her. In my mind there would be a lovely sky light, a cosy bed, some storage and space to play. The idea of a tepee up there would be pretty fab too.

home improvementsI think with some cosy cushions, a throw and maybe some cute fairy lights. It would make an awesome den reading her favourite books in and playing.

For the skylight I would opt for a lovely blackout blind. Velux Blinds Direct have a great selection of blinds for children. I love the Velux Blinds Direct Disney Blinds. There are so many to choose from.

This Mini Mouse is perfect. Cute yet still grown up enough for her.

home improvementsI think an attic room would be great. Maybe if we move house at some point there might be more chance of the loft room I would love.

If we could afford it a new conservatory would definitely be on the cards. The one we have is small, cold and more of a utility room. I would love a nice conservatory that is heated. A place to relax on a summer evening and a place for the children to play. Maybe even a working space for me. What ever it would be used for it would give us the extended living space we need.

home improvementsSomething like this would be perfect.  Nice and cosy, space to relax and even some space for the children to play.

As you can see there are plenty of home improvement’s I would like to make, it just takes time and money.

Is there anything on your home improvement wish list?


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1 thought on “My Home Improvement’s Wish List

  1. I love a good wishlist, I have one as long as my arm. There are some lovely ideas here and I love the blinds and had no idea you could get different fun designs I thought it was just plain blinds. That may come in handy if we convert our loft of our bungalow.

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