Different Interior Design Styles

When I look around my house, I notice the mess, the clutter, the toys. Having two children age six and two, it Is sometimes hard to maintain a nice home.

I always see stunning photos of some peoples homes and wish I had a nice home like that. The clutter is slowly getting better, the kids toys however are here to stay. Its the storage that is the problem. What I would really like is a homely yet stylish home.

If like me, your are looking at making some changes in the home, the first place to start is looking at the interior design. it is amazing how new furniture, soft furnishings and accessories can make a huge difference.

The minimalist look seems quite popular with many people, I like the idea of this but I am not sure it would work with my children. The clutter does need to go.

I also like the idea of a coastal theme, it just seems fitting as we live by the sea side. its knowing where to start with all these great ideas.

A friend of mine has a lovely home and has quite a few shabby chic elements to their interior. I often think how lovely it looks. Its definitely an element I would love to include in our house.

interior design

Shabby Chic accessories are lovely, there are so many things that you could use when considering your homes interior design.

There are quite a few different interior design styles that you can choose from, its knowing where to start. Rattan Direct have created a brilliant guide, Different Interior Designs. If you are looking at making some changes in your home then I recommend you take a look at this guide.

The guide has given me some great ideas. I now have more of an idea of what we need to do to achieve the style I like.


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