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A Cosy Festive Night In With Morrisons

Several years ago a festive night pre-Christmas would be very different to what it is now. It would probably have involved a pretty dress, a meal out, a drink or two and singing Christmas songs loudly on the way home!

Now however, we absolutely love a cosy night in.  A good film, drinks and nibbles. Occasionally we let our six year-old stay up and have a film night with her too.

We recently received a box of festive treat’s from Morrisons, for a perfect cosy night in. Morrisons pride themselves on being a one-stop shop for all things Christmas and they really do seem to have all you could need.

Our cosy night in started with us all being in our pjs, the Christmas tree twinkling away and the lights dimmed. Morrison’s had sent us Beauty and The Beast so we settled down to watch it.

We were sent some lovely sweet treats which are perfect for a festive film night in. E straight away asked if she could have the Penguin Mallow lolly.




Once the film had started we also started on the treats. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but the festive season gives you this magical ability to justify eating all of the tasty food. I had my first mince-pie of the year and it tasted amazing, so amazing I had to have another! Morrisons truly make very tasty mince pies.

Also in the box was a lovely cosy throw, perfect for keeping cosy on an evening. I opened it and was ready to snuggle into it. I was however beaten to it by my six year old.



She assures me it was very cosy. It has since been used a lot.

Morrisons also sent us a selection of the cards they sell. I didn’t realise Morrisons sold such an extensive range of cards. I started writing a few cards when the film ended.




When I was younger we didn’t have a one go-to shop for all things Christmas. We had to go to several shops which meant being dragged around town. Cards from one shop, food from another. There wasn’t anywhere where you could pick up last minuet gifts. Morrison’s has all of this covered. They make getting organised for Christmas so much easier. Even for the last minuet shopper like my husband! And just to remind you, they sell the most amazingly tasty mince pies.





Disclaimer – We were sent this this wonderful hamper from Morrisons. All words and opinions are my own..

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