All You Need to Get Ready For Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching.. too fast! Its time to get organised and get ready for Christmas. There are so many lovely things that you can buy to make your Christmas well ‘Christmas’.

Food and drink are a must, whether you’re going to have turkey or some things else. Christmas dinner is the perfect opportunity to indulge on all things fine. I am not quite sure what it is about Christmas, but it seems to be an acceptable time of the year to feast on lots of goodies.

One thing I cannot get enough of is Christmas Cake. We don’t have a large one as only me and my Husband will eat it or any guests we might get. This year we have a lovely Bettys Cake.


Get ready for Christmas


It is a lovely Royal Iced cake and I cannot wait to tuck into it. Nothing beats a turkey and cranberry sauce sandwich with a piece of Christmas Cake. It’s the simple pleasures in life that excite me about Christmas.

The next important part of Christmas for me is the decorations. I am not that great when it comes to making the house festive. However with a little bit of sparkle and a helping hand from the children, the house is looking festive. I have tried to have a colour theme on my tree but it just hasn’t happened. We have some personalised tree decorations, some beautiful wooden ones that I love to use. The colour scheme around that I have attempted is blue and silver.

We have some pretty special baubles on this tree this year. Some thing to get us feeling festive!




These lovely Pickering’s Gin Baubles are nice and colourful and more importantly away from the children’s little fingers. They have the Christmas tree chocolates whilst we have the Christmas tree Gin.

Another thing I love about Christmas is Christmas clothing. Some may say its tacky, but I can’t resist a Christmas Jumper. Its amazing the Christmas clothing you can get these days. T-shirts, jumpers, underwear, pyjamas. You name it you can get it.  When it comes to baby’s Christmas clothing then you really should take a look at Blade and Rose. I am in love with these Gingerbread Leggings and they look so cute on a baby.



Practical, warm and cute. And they can be worn anytime, not just Christmas. They just look festive with the Gingerbread men on the bum. Super cute.

So we have fine food, lovely Christmas decorations and Christmas clothing at the ready. So, what’s next?

Christmas cards, quite a few people donate money to charity instead of sending cards due to the postage being so expensive. I however think it is lovely to receive a Christmas card in the post, knowing that someone has made the effort to send out a card. Choosing the perfect card to send, writing it and posting it.

When it comes to looking for cards, this year I have come across the Artfull Puffin. They have a wonderful range of Christmas Cards.


Gertting Ready For Christmas


They sell so many different cards, I absolutely love the simplicity of these two cards. Many of my friends and family will be receiving them. They also sell an amazing Robin card which I have also sent out this year.

When it comes to immediate family Christmas cards, I always buy special ones. Such as Mum and Dad, Grandparents, Husband and Children. Danilo is a great company that sell calendars, gift cards and gift wrap. They have a lot of fun Character cards which are great fun.


Getting Ready For Christmas


I can assure you my friend and her family absolutely love the Cliff Richard Musical Card and my youngest loves his Paw Patrol Christmas card.

Christmas shopping can be enjoyable and also be a bind. This year I wrote some brilliant Christmas gift guides, they have some great ideas if you are still struggling with what to buy. The Children’s Christmas gift guide has some great suggestions. However if you have finished your main shopping and looking for some stocking fillers then check out this brilliant Children’s Stocking Filler Gift Guide.

Once you have finished all your shopping I can recommend a Santa Sack. This year we have one from The Handmade Christmas Company. They are lovely Hessian sacks that can be personalised and are perfect for keeping present’s together.


Getting Ready For christmas


We love having presents under the tree and the children get excited to see it. However a Santa sack is great for some of the larger presents, that way there is more space to move around and for opening presents. When the sack is bulging with presents the children are bound to be excited wondering what is inside. These are a great vintage twist to Christmas.

I slowly feel like I am almost ready for Christmas. We still need to buy more Christmas food, all the fresh items required. I also have some more wrapping to be done. All of this effort for just one day, however it is the effort that we all make that makes Christmas so special for us all.

I hope you are all looking forward to Christmas as much as we are.

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