Eighteen months old

Eighteen months old today.  Halfway to two.

Attitude: Check!

Cutes: Check!

It’s the combo of doom.

J will stand at the front door and cry (or make this weird ehhhgh, ehhhgh, ehhhgh kind of cry/groan sound) to let me know he wants to go out. Then he will do the same sound when it comes to going back home and entering the house.

Why so needy, baby?

H wants what he wants but has no words to tell me. There was a time when “Eee! Eee! ” meant give me something but now it’s just ‘eh’ and pointing. I can’t decide whether it’s adorable or annoying.

He likes to shake his drink bottle upside down, if I don’t have reflexes of a ninja the will then rub the water around. If this is on the high chair it isn’t a problem. Else where, it is just a mess.

Baths – Yes!

Changing nappy – No!

Eating – Which way is the wind blowing? Maybe!

All I know is, I cant not watch any more baby tv with this kid . I can’t do it.

As a whole J is pretty awesome. He has changed so much, some for the better and others I haven’t yet decided upon.  I’m not going to sit here gushing about all his milestones and what he can do. Instead I thought I would share some cute photos of him.

18 months old



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