Wicked Uncle Review

When it comes to shopping for toys I always look online. One, for ease and secondly because there is a limited choice of shops that sell toys where I live.

Wicked Uncle is a great website. They sell a great selection of weird, wonderful and different toys, not the sort you would see advertised on television.

Wicked UncleThe website is really well set out, you can either search through different categories, gender and age.

Wicked Uncle Review

The age selection makes it really simple to find a toy that is age appropriate. I found shopping by age bought up toys I would never have thought about buying for a five year old – which is great.

Each age range or category lists the most popular toys that are being bought on the website at the top. This is great if you are looking to buy something for someone and have no idea what to buy. Perfect if you are actually a ‘Wicked Uncle’. I know this website would certainly be great for our children’s Uncle.

What I love about the website is that there are toys that I have genuinely never heard of or seen on the high street.

When it came to choosing gifts for the children, I literally spent hours deciding. Their was a limited selection for J so I decided to get something ‘Gadgety’ for E. There are so many amazing toys that I ended up having a good look around.

In the end I decided on Design & Drill – Light Up Creativity.

Wicked Uncle

E loves this as you get to drill in colourful plastic bolts using a drill. Once you have made a pattern, there is a book full of them. You turn the board on and they glow up. There are two settings to the board, one to make them glow and the other is sound activated. Talk to the board or play music and the board lights glow on and off. This is pretty awesome. The big kid in me also loves this toy.

Wicked Uncle ReviewIt was hard for me to get a great photo showing them glowing up so here is the one from the website. You can now appreciate how amazingly awesome it is.

Wicked Uncle

The Second item I got for E is a game. I chose the IQ Puzzler Pro – 2D & 3D Brain Teaser

Wicked Uncle Review

I chose this game because it was something a little different. Almost a kind of gadget game as its different from anything else I have seen.

I loved that it’s a game that E can play with it alone and as it has various levels of difficulty which means she will grow into the game. The enclosed booklet has over 100 challenges. My husband enjoyed making the 3D puzzles.

Wicked Uncle

As you can see both of the toys are a great hit and have been played with constantly.

There are many other aspects about the website that I love.

  • The delivery is only £2.95 – cheap compared to other companies.
  • When it goes to the check out you can choose to have the toys gift wrapped – you even get to choose from a selection of papers. It’s the little details that make me a happy customer.
  • There is a phone number, so if you have any problems you can speak to somebody.
  • You can set up reminders for birthdays – this for me is really handy. I am so forgetful since I had J.
  • There is a wide range of toys at different prices.

Overall I am really impressed with Wicked Uncle. The ease of the website, the customer service and not forgetting the great quality of the toys. I know one thing for sure it will be a website I will visit again in the future and its one I can recommend. I will be the ‘Wicked Aunt!’

Disclaimer – We were given a voucher to purchase items of our choice. All opinions are our own.





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