First trip to the cinema

At the start of the year I wrote a bucket list of things that I would like to achieve during the year, if you missed that post take a look at it here Bucket List

Taking E to the cinema for the first time is on that list, the prospect of this was both exciting and unnerving. E is not one for sitting still, she wont sit still to watch a film at home instead she plays and watches it at the same time.

Over half term, which seems so long ago, there was a special Peppa Pig show :The Golden Boots’, with a selection of Peppa’s favourite stories as well as a never-before-seen fifteen minute special.. As soon as I heard about it I thought this is just perfect for E’s first trip to the cinema. Being a peppa pig fan and that it was only an hour-long.

So off we went with E’s best friend to go and see Peppa Pig. We went to the Vue cinema in Exeter, the special episode was only being shown in Vue, Odeon and cineworld cinemas. Tickets were purchased and both the girls were treated to some pick n mix sweets to keep them happy.

Cinema TicketsOnce in the cinema both girls were impressed with how big the screen and seats were and as soon as the trailers started they were completely silent.

At the cinema

The way they did the show was clever, they obviously anticipated that the younger audience might struggle to sit still. In between each episode a couple of the milk shake presenters appeared on screens being all bubbly and were showing made up dance movements to some of the songs, which the girls stood up and got involved in.

Then came the special 15 minuet episode, the girls were transfixed. There was lots of songs in it and the storyline was based around Mrs Duck taking Peppa’s Golden boots – which Suzy sheep keeps reminding Peppa that they are yellow, not gold! In true Peppa Pig style there were plenty of little jokes in there that probably went over the girls heads, but I found myself smiling and chuckling.

The girls really enjoyed their first trip to the cinema but I don’t think I will be taking E to see a long feature film for a little while yet as towards the end both of the girls were getting a little restless, after all they are only three!

For obvious reasons I didn’t take many photos but here are a few I managed to get. A good time was had by all.Cinema collage





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  1. March 4, 2015 / 9:32 am

    Aww! It sounds like you had a lovely time!

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