Bird Suncatcher Windchimes Craft

This bad weather is starting to slowly drive me crazy, as I don’t drive I am reluctant to venture out in the cold, wet weather. However there is a light at the end of the tunnel as Spring officially begins on March the 20th and hopefully the weather will start to improve not long after.

Spring also brings lots of cheerful crafts relating to all the new flowers, the baby birds, Easter and much more.

Today we are sharing with you Bird Suncatcher Windchimes that Baker Ross kindly sent to us. A craft that E enjoyed immensely as it is something different that she has never done before.

All you require for this craft is a pack of the windchimes, a pack of three is £2.95 and a pack of ceramic / glass paint pens which cost £9.99.

Bird windchime sets

This is a really simple craft that E was able to do on her own with a little supervision to get the pens working. It took a lot of shaking to get the paint to slowly start to come through. I was starting to think they were never going to work, I am not the most patient person!

I then left E to it and let her creative juices flow, she surprised me with how careful she was and how much pride she was taking with this particular craft.

Emily making her windchimeThe windchime craft is a quick, enjoyable craft and once complete it is something that can be hung up, treasured and kept as it is timeless and E really enjoyed it, no sooner had she finished one she wanted to make another.

Making the windchime

The paint only took around half an hour to dry properly which is great when you have an impatient three-year old who wants to hold her new creation with pride.

What is also great about the craft is that they also make great little gifts, E made another one to give to her Grandma who I hear really loves it.

The end product looks really good and all we need to do now is find a nice place where the sun can shine though and the wind can make it make a lovely chime sound.

Bird Windchime


Disclosure – we were sent this craft set to make, all word and opinions are my own.



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