Happy New Year 2019

Happy New Year to all my readers. Ok I know this is a little delayed, however I have been so busy with family things over Christmas and New Year. I also wanted to wait until the children had gone back to school so I have a bit of time to catch up on things.

Today my three-year old is doing his first full day at preschool. The house is eerily quiet, however I am enjoying some time to myself.

Happy New Year 2019


I love New Years day and the build up to the New Year. I just feel excited for the next year, all the adventures and also the challenges that come with it. The new year will no doubt have its up’s and downs but I am ready to face the year.

I have taken a few weeks off from the blog and I have enjoyed the break, I managed to have some time to myself and sort things out around the home. This is something I intend to do this year, make more time to myself.. Sit down, pick up a book and relax.

The start of another year has left me inspired, it’s a fresh start and another chapter to fill with fun. I also have a few goals this year, not resolutions but things I would like to achieve.

Be more Green – Be aware of out carbon footprint, you read and hear so much about how plastics are damaging the environment and other chemicals. The thing is it isn’t just about plastics and cups that are causing problems, its waste as a whole.

I am planning on writing a weekly meal plan, with this in mind there will be less food waste which also has an impact on the environment. I also intend to shop less, I am not talking food but clothes shopping. Did you know that clothing, in particular fast fashion has a huge impact on the environment. I am aiming to have a capsule wardrobe which means I will possibly have less clothes but I will wear and love every item in my wardrobe. The items that don’t fit into this I will donate to charity. I will then only buy things my wardrobe is missing and not just for the sake of it.

January 2019

The above changes then lead onto my other goal and that is be more frugal. Not in the respects of deny ourselves of lovely items but try not to buy unnecessary item’s. I am also following the Skint Dads 1p Saving Challenge. Check out what it is all about over on his website. The idea is that you start by saving 1p on day one, 2p on day 2 and so on. By the end of the year you should have saved just over £600. The only problem I am finding with this so far is making sure I have the change in the house. I am however keeping up with it.

I know this one is a cliché but I would like for us all in the family to eat and be healthier. Run around in the fresh air more. Eat more veggies and fruit and more importantly eat more balanced meals and less junk. This goes back to the meal planning to ensure that the food we need is in the house every week.

As I have said, these aren’t New Year resolutions, they are goals that I would like to achieve. Things might change during the year and we wont always succeed, we will however try our best to reach out goals and more importantly have a wonderful new year that is currently full of positivity,

Do you have any goals that you would like to achieve this year?



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6 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2019

  1. I’m with you! Need to get my butt in gear this year. I’m done with the usual give up smoking, lose a butt cheeks worth of weight and smile more often lol

  2. Happy New Year to you and all of your family.

    I guess our goal this year is the same as last, and that is to pay as much as we can off the house. Its the best way we can make savings.

    I get totally inspired all the time by frugal living and minimalism blogs/videos – and its nice to see people discover things that I have done for years.. it validates my values – and that feels great. Charity shops are superb too – and I fully support donating items that are not used anymore. They will bring joy to someone else – and the money goes to a good place. Double YES there!!

    My personal goal this year is to put more love into our home, To finish the areas that need decorating – and to get outside really up to a standard I can be happy with for resale in the future.

    So.. a boring but all house related reply from me.. ^^

    Much love. x

    1. I also need to put some life into.out home. We are planning on decorating our room. It’s taking a long time to decide on colour. One of the walls has a lot of tester marks on! Hope you all have a wonderfully happy new year x

  3. They all sound like great goals, I’m not a fan of setting hard resolutions where you might struggle and maybe fail, but good intentions are for me the best way.

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