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Our Bucket List 2019

I am not one for New Years resolutions as I just break them. I have however set some goals for the year which can read more about on my Happy New Year 2019 post. As well as making some goals for new year I have also written this bucket list.

I first wrote a bucket list a couple of years ago and I have really enjoyed looking back at some of the things we have ticked off.  The bucket list that I wrote last year, unfortunately didn’t get as many things ticked off, for one reason or another. We did however do quite a lot of the things on the list, however I only documented a few of them on here.

The list is It’s really a tick list of prompts to give us some little aims for the year ahead.

Go on a Family Holiday – Sort the Garden – Have a BBQ  

  Decorate our Bedroom –Go to Diggerland – Fly a Kite  

Go to a different Park    Go Bowling  -Visit a Museum

Celebrate all of our birthdays – Go on a boat  

Decorate the Lounge –  Organise the Conservatory  – Go to Crealy     

Go to Bicton  –  Visit Family in Cornwall  – Go for a manicure      

Grow Something –  Have Afternoon Tea

Embrace Messy Play – Go to the Theatre – Try some new Recipes 

Go to the Cinema –   Visit a National Trust Property –   Go on a steam train     

Take More Photos – Grow my Blog’s Social Media

  Visit the woods – Go to a restaurant – Visit a Zoo

Go Camping –  See Father Christmas – Find a Waterfall

Visit a Zoo –   Bake a Cake – Go on a Family Picnic – Visit a Castle

Go Swimming as a family  – Visit a National Park – Go to a Forest


A few of the things on the list have been carried over from last year. Hopefully this year we will get round them. The list covers different things we want to do as a family and some personally in this following year.


We are looking forward to ticking off as many items as possible on our bucket list this year.

Bucket List 2019

Have you written a bucket list for this year?


We are looking forward to lots of fun and adventures this year.

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4 thoughts on “Our Bucket List 2019

  1. Love it! Sort of have a bucket list although it very mine ties in with my resolutions this year. I haven’t really thought personally about the things I want to do other than visit Matlock lol

  2. Great list. I’m doing something similar but different to previous where all the things were quite big and realistically Not achievable. Good luck with your list xx

  3. Sounds like a great year bucket list! I have never thought of doing one for a year! I like the idea of an afternoon tea, visiting Cornwall and visiting the zoo – enjoy!

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