I Hate Homework WAY More Than my Child Does

I don’t know what my child is moaning about, I hate homework more than they do! Ever since my daughter started school the home work started to come home. Each school year the home work increases.

The amount of patience I have to muster up in order to stop myself from spontaneously combusting when my 7 year old spells the same word wrong, over and over.

My daughter gets fed up of me constantly saying you need to do your homework. Don’t get me wrong, she doesn’t moan about every single piece of homework. She actually enjoys most of her homework. However when you get four pieces to do in a weekend, its enough to drive us all crazy.

Throw in a three-year old in to the mix and my stress levels are heightened. Not because he is being naughty, he is just being demanding and whiney as he wants to play with his sister.

Every weekend homework threatens the already fragile fabric of our peaceful household.


As soon as I say “okay you need to do some homework” I am greeted with but I am doing this at the moment.

I get it, after a long week of learning the last thing they want is to learn more stuff. They need to relax at a weekend and if I had my way that is exactly what we would do. The school however insist in sending home work home and it our responsibility as parents to make sure they do it. All we can do is try to keep her motivated.

But what my child doesn’t realise is that we parents despise spending our weekend doing homework more than they do.

Right now it is up there with toilet training!

We hate having to dig deep at the end of a busy week to spell out 15342 words, teach them how to count in 4’s or think of ways to make a science project out of a rubber band, a toilet roll and some pin tacks

But it’s part of school life and we just have to build a bridge. Or drink. Or run.

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3 thoughts on “I Hate Homework WAY More Than my Child Does

  1. My girls have got to the age now where they are responsible for doing their homework without me telling them to. Nine times out of ten they do it at school. Phew! I know where you are coming from though. When my two were at primary school I hated making them do their homework. It was always such a battle. All they wanted to do on a weekend is relax x

    1. I think the schools send home too much home work. The children need to be able to relax and unwind as do us parents. Family time is more important.

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