Discovry Night Light illuminated Globe Review

Discovery Nightlight Illuminated Globe Review

This wonderful Discovery Nightlight Illuminated Globe is fantastic and is a huge hit in this house.

Nightlight illuminated Globe

When I was younger I always wanted a globe, unfortunately I never had one. So I am equally excited about this amazing globe.

The globe is on a traditional stand and is easy to rotate. It shows children how the world spins on its axis. What is pretty awesome about this globe is that it also illuminates. It really looks amazing when its lit up in the dark.

illuminated globe

The Discovery Illuminated Night Light Globe shows countries in colour blocks and all the countries names, oceans /sea’s are in capital letters. This makes learning easier for children of all ages.

There is nothing more fascinating than looking at all the places in the world. My daughter likes us to tell her to find a certain country, she enjoys then looking for it. We do have an atlas in the house but the globe is easier to learn from.

Illuminated night light globe

The globe now sits on my daughters desk and is frequently used and there has been many a night when she uses it as a nightlight. If the globe is turned on at night-time my youngest gets really excited by it. He is defiantly very curious by the globe. His sister try’s to show him different countries but at present he is more interested with spinning it round and turning the light on and off. I am sure once he is older he will have the same interest in the globe that my eldest has.

The nightlight globe  is battery operated and it requires 4 x AA Batteries. On our experience the batteries do last a long time.

The Discovery nightlight illuminated globe is a STEM toy which encourages children to develop the core disciplines. Which is Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Therefore it is clear what a brilliant educational product the globe is.

I totally recommend the Discovery nightlight illuminated globe for anyone with an interest in the world. It is a great educational aid for any school age child. It say’s it is 8 plus however my daughter is seven and loves it and would have used it properly from the age of six.

The globe can be purchased from many good online retailers including Amazon.




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