I’m a Routine Mum

I am one of those highly irritating, plan ruining, visit inhibiting, clock watching, fun stealing, routine parents. Well that’s how some people probably view me.

I like to pretend that I had no choice but to be a routine parent because I began my motherhood journey being constantly monitored due to my epilepsy.  They made sure I  was constantly reminded about the challenges I would face and how I would have to do things differently.

Caesarean sectionSo after that explanation you would think that was why I chose to have a routine.

Except it’s not!

Frankly, I was always going to be a routine parent, whether I had one baby, two babies or more. The prospect of having more however isn’t one that has or will cross my mind.

I could say it’s because I was bought up in a routine and it’s what I thought was right. However there is another reason. There are many occasions in my life that a lack of routine has resulted in things going wrong. The consequence’s of which have had a lasting impact. I am not talking forgetting to water my plants and them dying. We seriously do not have green fingers, you should see the state of our garden.

I am however talking about , life sucking, attention requiring, battery-powered Tamagotchi. You remember them as a kid? They are also making a come back. I loved mine, expect I lacked the skills and time to truly make mine live. With the tragic death of Tamagotchi after Tamagotchi due to my lapse in feeding and/or bathing and/or putting the infernal mechanical grey blob with legs to bed. I was branded with a life long interminable complex that I might, in fact, kill any living, breathing, entity that some crazy universal life-giver decided I was ready to be responsible for.

Seriously though, I need structure and routine in my life. Right from remembering to take my tablets to needing to know what is happening and when. I was once told when my eldest was still in her pram that I can’t put a child into a routine and that they have to fit around you. I have the last laugh on that in the long run.

There are absolutely some benefits to being a routine focused parental unit, and admittedly some drawbacks.

Today, however I am going to highlight some of the many great reasons to be a routine parent. I might one day cover some of the drawbacks. Both being a parent who follows a routine and those that don’t both have their pro’s and con’s and as a parent you choose which ever works better with you.


Making plans

You can make plans around your routine. Sometimes the baby still might squash those plans. Either by waking earlier and being all grumpy. Or shockingly they might still sometimes sleep longer than usual. You have heard of the film Boss Baby? Well tiny little people like to remind you who is in charge and they can still occasionally change plans. I find that you can however loosely make plans around in instead of having no idea what is happening or when.


Making excuses

At the same time you can use your babies routine as a legit excuse not to do something. I like this one. Sorry I can’t go to cousin Colin’s house to look at their safari holiday photos. The baby is sleeping then. I know, such a shame, I would have loved to spend the whole morning looking at forty-seven thousand photos of the same elephant from a variety of different angles. Devastation stations. Sorry, maybe next time!


Online shopping delivery

There is nothing more frustrating than a banging on the door with someone bringing you a delivery, Picture the scene, cute chubby baby has literally just fallen asleep. Constant banging on the door followed by screaming cranky pants baby, Which means one thing, seriously pissed off mummy. So a routine has made it easier for me to arrange my online food shopping. I am not crazy enough to drag a small person to the supermarket with me. My local courier for items I buy online is a gem. She simply puts parcels in the safe place unless I see her coming and go to the door.


Forming a habit and routine

Children are creatures of habits. They like to have a sense of a what to expect. It’s about consistency and predictability. Children often thrive in this sort of environment and reduces anxiety, They know when they are going to be fed and also when they are going to sleep. They do learn a whole host of other things to. Both of my babies have slept well with a routine, my first one more so than the second but now they both thrive on a routine. As a result more sleep make’s me happier and less emotional. I am less  likely to break down and cry because I have broken a glass or I can’t find the tin opener.


Minimising crying, grumpy, cranky pants occurrences.

Routine Mum

An over tired baby or child is not fun. I would definitely say a tired child is not my best friend. Having a routine can help combat over tiredness because you can work the timings of your routine around suitable awake time for your babies age. Babies who aren’t overtired are extra lovely. This is a scientific fact. Even now when my little people are a bit older, if they are tired they can be pretty horrible to be around. So sleep does reduce the tiredness crying.

I will be honest having a routine is not without its bad sides. When they were tiny babies I felt like a slave to my routine. Living in an endless ground-hog day. There were days when I have very little patience. There have also been occasions when I have had to miss out on social occasions. However as the children have grown up a little that isn’t the case as much now. I am not someone who wants to go to the pub all the time, it is however nice to be able to go out occasionally with friends. for a meal.

So now you have it in writing, these are a few of the reasons why I think being a routine parent is great.

There is one thing I have forgotten to mention and that is at 7pm I know the children will be in bed asleep and we get the evening to ourselves. We can binge watch Netflix series. We are currently working our way through Suits! And generally relax.

If you do choose to bring your child up with a routine, hopefully you will find many pro’s to that kind of parenting,




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6 thoughts on “I’m a Routine Mum

  1. I killed all my tamagotchies too! Im suprised mine have got to 16 years old lol Routines my biggest struggle, im so busy all the time, i find it hard to stick to a schedule. It does make it harder raising the kids as the day isnt always consistant.

    1. When mine were little babies I was all about routine. Now they are older and nap times have gone my main routine is bedtime and meal times.

  2. I was a strict routine mum with my two up until they were around 1 and 3 years old. I then discovered that a strict regimented routine was not going to work for our family so released the pressure slightly. I think whatever works for your family is your way of doing things – each to their own.

    1. Our routine was mostly when they were babies. Age 3 is when things changed.. With Joshua it was when he was younger apart from at bedtime. The boy so needs his sleep

    2. Our routine was mostly when they were babies. Age 3 is when things changed.. With Joshua it was when he was younger apart from at bedtime. The boy so needs his sleep .

    3. Mine were in a routine until around the age of three. The only thing that is routine is bedtime. The boy needs his sleep!

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