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The Boss Baby Review

We had seen the trailers and it looked like a funny film, so we were excited to finally get to see The Boss Baby.

Boss BabyThe Plot

The film follows Tim an imaginative seven year old and his family. Life is good for Tim, until a new baby arrives, but this baby is not an ordinary baby.

One morning Tim wakes up and looks out of the window to see a taxi arriving. Out of the taxi, appears a baby dressed in a suit. Tim runs downstairs to see what is going on to then be introduced to his new baby brother.

From the moment Boss Baby enters the house he takes over the Templeton’s home. As Tim was an only child he soon gets jealous of his baby brother because he takes up all the time and attention of his parents.

Tim discovers that Boss Baby can talk – and confronts him. Boss Baby tells Tim that he is manipulating his parents and that there isn’t love for both of them.

Boss Baby

Tim attempts to record the Boss Baby talking when some other babies come over to the house for a playdate. Whilst doing so Tim discovers that The Boss Baby is on a secret mission to discover why babies are losing out on love. And its all to do with Puppies.

The Templeton’s work for Puppy Co and their boss is about to unveil a puppy that’ll be a game-changer.  The puppies will take all the love away from babies.

Boss baby tells Tim that of he completes the mission to find out about the new puppy and stop them being distributed he will leave and Tim will get all his parents love and attention again.

Their sibling rivalry is then on hold and the two join force to solve the mission and get what they think they both want.The Boss Baby

The Boss Baby has a lot of action packed scenes. With baby ninja gangs, swashbuckling pirates, adorable ageless puppies and a plane full of Elvis impersonators. The Boss Baby is fast paced, quick witted and easy to relate to.

Our Opinion

The Boss Baby is a hilariously funny movie, right from the very start we were laughing, The Baby Boss tells the story of sharing love and family, a great movie for all ages. if you’ve ever felt like your life was being hijacked by a tiny human, you will identify with this movie.

What started out as Boss Baby and Tim hatching a plan to be rid of each other lead to something more heartfelt. This gave the film a nice fuzzy warm feeling.

I genuinely enjoyed the film and I think it would appeal to all ages. So if you’re looking for a funny and easy watching film then look no further than The Boss Baby.

Rated PG, the movie runs or 1 hr 37 minutes

There are some great Boss Baby activity sheets that the kids would love.  You can download the Activity Sheets here

Here is a glimpse into the Baby Corp initiation.

DreamWorks Animation’s THE BOSS BABY is available now on Digital Download, Blu-ray and DVD, from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Disclaimer – We were sent the dvd for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.
















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11 thoughts on “The Boss Baby Review

  1. My kids are obsessed with this film!! They absolutely love it!! We must have watched it fifty times already and yet it never fails to make me laugh. You can’t beat a good family DVD to watch together.

  2. I’ve heard of this one but nothing more than the poster before – it sounds great! We’ve just had a new baby, so I think my son would definitely relate. We’ve not braved the cinema with him yet either, so great that it’s out on DVD already!

  3. My girls really want to see this and it is on the cheap Saturday morning cinema so we will definitely be going along soon. Then if we like it as much as you did we can get the DVD too! Mich x

  4. Oh I’ve been dying to see this film, the kids have been with friends and absolutely loved it.They watched the trailer over and over on Youtube for weeks before it came out! Must make a trip to the cinema soon if I can x

  5. Boo went to see this when it was in the cinema with her Dad – and when she saw one of it’s posters online recently she started pestering me to get the DVD; I’m all for new films for rainy afternoons during the summer holidays…

  6. I saw this in Tesco the other day and did think about buying it. Monkey still struggles a little with having a new member of the household so I was hoping it may help him to relate? Espically if the ending is how I would imagine x

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