The Importance of the Honey Bee – with a Quiz

I have to say I am very cautious of the bee’s that fly around our garden. It comes from the fear of their sting which can be very painful. E is also equally as cautious, we have told her when she see’s a bee to just leave it alone and let it get on with its work.

Bee’s are very important, they pollinate crops which helps us to grow food. Without the honeybee there would be a massive decline in the production of food crops. This would affect us and also many others that are dependant on the crops. Without bee’s there would be a huge chance of a world famine.

Honey Bee

Because oh how the bee’s cross- pollinate if they were to go extinct it would affect the cotton production, which affects us all. Clothing production would change and become more expensive.

As you can see the humble bee is very important. I know this but it doesn’t stop me being scared of them.

Rattan Direct have written a really good quiz  – The Honeybee Quiz. I have taken the quiz myself and didn’t do too badly. I got 8 out of ten.

If you think you know all about the humble honeybee pop over to the quiz and test your knowledge.



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