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If your anything like me, decorating and home improvements are something you plan on achieving during the year. My problem is deciding on colour schemes, paint and decor. There are so any choices our there.

I have recently been told about 3D wall panels, they look pretty cool. They can renovate rooms like your bathroom with ease and they look amazing.  There are so many options when it comes to renovating your bathroom.

Custom Print Tiles for Bathrooms – A Class Apart

Designing or renovating a bathroom is quite challenging. It’s a big project so you need to be patient and consider all aspects for decorating a bathroom. Since this is a highly wet area, only waterproof and moisture proof materials are to be used. Moreover, those should be inert to soaps and shampoos. For this reason, different types of 3D wall panels are recommended for modern wall paneling of the bathroom. These three-dimensional wall panels are made from various materials and come in the form of tiles. These also have textured designs and print. This page tells what you need to know about the wall panels and custom printed tiles.

What is modern bathroom  decoration theme?

Traditionally, people used to pay more importance on painting and furnishing. They painted the bathroom walls for making it brighter. Additionally, mirrors and framed paintings were also hanged for decorating bathrooms. However, there is a radical change in decor concept involving a combination of non-traditional decor items and designing methods. New ideas have evolved for bringing bathroom walls to life and for making the place overall beautiful with 3D wall panels that lets you change the place instantly.


Concept of 3D wall arts

Like seasons, the world of decoration also changes periodically. The modern 3D wall arts are mainly based on using textured wall panels for adding style and elegance to space. Once installed, these form a repetitive pattern that plays with light and shadow for creating a relaxed feeling in the washroom. There are many types of these 3D wall arts that delivers stunning decor solution.

Why use printed bathroom tiles?

There are many ways to complement the bathroom decoration with your lifestyle. However, it could be daunting to find the best bathroom wall panels and tiles from the available styles and designs. You may get ideas from magazines for creating a tranquil bathroom. Using custom printed bathroom tiles is the best way for trendy decorative wall panelling that can be matched to your dreams and likings. You may have anything from ocean view, riverside, woodlands or any other natural scenery to make your bathroom a proud place.

Choosing the bathroom panels

Choosing bathroom panels is a big decision. Many options are available for giving the bathroom an appearance that matches your lifestyle. You can choose anything from the decorative wall panels including custom printed tiles for giving the bathroom the most desired look. Here are some tips on how to make the best choice:

· Know your budget: Knowing the price range of the decorative panels and printed tiles can save you much time. If you have to operate on a low-budget, you have to find items that fall within the budget limit.

· Measurement is essential: Most of the wall panels and tiles come in standard sizes only and, therefore, you must measure the bathroom for knowing the quantity required beforehand.

· Have a clear vision: While people like the beauty of the custom printed tiles in the bathroom, most of them get irritated to maintain the joints. In such case acrylic and glass panels can come to the rescue.

· Professional installation is better: Installing the three dimensional wall panels by professionals always yields better results. If you have a budget constraint, then better look for the wall panels that come with free installation offer.


Many variants of wall panel

There are many variants of modern wall paneling options, and these are available in variety of materials. Thus, one is baffled as to which will be the right choice for using in the bathroom. The thumb rule is that, it should complement the theme prevailing in the commercial space, residential apartment and places of amusement. You may choose from the followings:

· Wood plank walls: These can make the washroom most sophisticated and elegant. Install these away from heavily wet area of the washroom.

· Decorative MDF wall panels: Made from compact boards these can be veneered and laminated for increasing shine. You can also paint these for a glowing appearance.

· PVC wall panels: These trendy options are made from plastic and are very light. Available in vibrant colors and shades, these cost effective panels can be glued or framed.

· Stone wall panels: These are real cool. These are costly but offers natural rustic look to the washroom and ensure protection.

· Acrylic wall panels: The most common and water-resistant option for bathroom’s. You can get these in various sizes, colors and designs.

· Glass wall panels: This is costly but excellent wall paneling option for washrooms. Being waterproof, these are ideal to use.

· Printed tiles: These can be made of different waterproof materials. These are preferred due to their elegant look. With themed printing these can make a statement.


Printed tiles are the hottest choice

Whether you are looking for the modern comfy feeling or like to preserve the traditional style, the custom printed tiles can decorate your bathroom the way you like. These are available in vibrant red, bold black and many other hues. You can also get those printed to your own design.

Printed tiles have many applications

Other than using the tiles for elevating the bathroom of a residential complex, these can be used for elevating bathrooms of large corporate house, posh hotels, luxury resorts, exotic casinos & night clubs etc. Depending on where you are using these, you have to choose print designs for balancing the theme of the place.

Can hide wall flaws

Aside from elevating a bathroom, the custom printed tiles offer very good protection to the walls and can mask blemishes, holes, cracks etc.

Need simple Cleaning and maintenance

The eye-catching printed tiles are very easy to install. No special cleaning agent or accessory is required. These can be wiped easily with a wet cloth. Being exceptionally strong and sturdy, these require little maintenance.

Bottom line

So, if you are in need of custom printed tile to make your bathroom a class apart, you have landed on the right page. Just install the type you need and see the dramatic effect!



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