Indoor activities for toddlers.

E has lots of toys, sometimes I think too many, after all she cant play with them all at once. What I do find is that E sometime gets bored, even with all her toys and when E gets bored she gets naughty and demanding.

It’s hard to find indoor play activities for bored toddlers that don’t require a lot of time, money, and set-up or clean up. But with a little creative thinking and a few standard household items, you can come up with lots of fun play activities for toddlers. I have sat down and had a think of different things we can do on wet weather days when she is a little bored and I intend to use this list for me to refer too when we are having a board moment.

A lot of these we have done and everybody knows how much fun they can be, anyway here is the list of ten  things you can do with children on a wet or indoor play day.

1) Creative Craft Time
Its no secret how much E and I enjoy doing crafts together. I keep an easy-to-reach craft box of odds and ends handy for creative craft time. Include ribbons, cards, paper, markers, scissors, glue or glue sticks, glitter, paint, rulers, cardboard pieces, etc. so the kids can help themselves and create a craft that is unstructured and entirely of their own imagination. Obviously when it comes to glue and paint I always sit with E and come up with creations together.

2) Dress-Up
 We have box of dress up clothes and simple items to use as props. E has a couple of dressing up outfits in her box as well as some of my old plastic bangles, some bags, purses, shoes and plastic phones. E has lot of fun dressing up. Every child enjoys dressing up.

3) Indoor Sandbox
 We purchased a cheap builders tray, the ones that builders use for mixing concrete in etc, We put the box in the conservatory where we can brush up the floor and put allsorts in it. A favourite of E’s was using porridge oats. Simply fill the tray with cheap porridge oats, supply cars, cups and spoons and hours of fun was had. You can put anything in these trays to entertain toddlers with.

4) Playdough
Get out the playdough (or make your own homemade playdough) and let the kids experiment with pressing in different shapes and items such as rings, straws, cookie cutters. E loves playing with her playdough and pretending to make cakes.

5) Bubble Bath Fun
Fill a baby bathtub or large bowl with soapy water and place in the bathtub and let them play. Add food coloured ice cubes, spoons, and cups for pouring. Use a small stool as a play table in the bathtub and give them cups to pour from and in. E loves just getting into a warm bath with lots of bubbles and playing, bath time doesn’t need to be just about getting clean.

6) Jumping Game
Get a small indoor exercise trampoline to jump on. E had one of these bought from her Grandma for her third birthday, it has to be said it is one of the best presents she has ever had as she bounces on it everyday.

7) Den Building
Gather up pillows, blankets and old sheets for fort building and help them construct a little world of their very own. Once the Den is built, it’s time to move in – let them gather up their favourite toys to arrange inside their new fort! E has a pop up castle which she loves but there is nothing more fun than building a den, I recall doing it many a time when I was younger.

8)  Indoor Picnic
Spread out a blanket or sheet on the floor, pack a picnic basket full of fun things to eat and have an indoor picnic! The perfect activity for cold or rainy days. E always eats more when something is different, when we have indoor picnics or eating her lunch out of her lunchbox she always enjoys the experience and eats more.

9) Good Old-Fashioned Games
Don’t forget all those good old-fashioned games you played as a child. Teach them how to play “I Spy”  or find some age appropriate games. Perfect for quiet time or when you end up stuck somewhere waiting

10) An Indoor Assault Course
Use items around the house to jump over, roll onto, crawl under anything that gets them excited, uses up energy and as a whole keeps them busy is good in my books.

What activities do you do with your children on an indoor play day?

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