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We have been fortunate to have had some lovely weather this last couple of weeks in September, some of the days have been nicer than they were in August.

As the sun is shining we have been trying to make the most of the good weather, on Sunday we decided to head down to the beach to take E rock pooling, daddy had bought her a net a while ago and since then she loves to go exploring the rock pools. After a little look at the tide times online we went out for some fun.

It was fairly blustery down on the beach at points, but it was still warm. Exmouth beach is a lovely long sandy beach, the golden sands seem to go on forever. At one end of the beach there are a lot of Rock pools to be explored when the tide has gone out.

Exmouth BeachGoing Rock Pooling is normally something that E and her daddy do on there own, leaving me the opportunity to get some jobs done at home, this Sunday however I went with them.

Once we arrived E was instantly very excited, asking where her bucket and net were and quickly putting her cardigan on ready to walk onto the beach. She very quickly ran ahead with daddy keeping up with her. I think daddy enjoys looking into the rock pools just as much as E does.

Exmouth Rockpools

It was then time for some serious rock pooling, E was wearing her welly boots so it didn’t matter if she got wet, she however also saw this as a great excuse to stand in the rock pools too. She is definitely braver than me, I was walking around worried that I was going to slip on some sea weed and fall in.

Its amazing if you have the patience at how many different types of creatures you can find in just a short amount of time, from previous trips I have heard stories about catching crabs, shrimps and other fish. All sounded very exciting, todays trip wasn’t so successful. A few dead crabs and water snails.

E was more interested in paddling today, with and without her welly boots on, she quite happily took her boots and socks off and went for a paddle. The weather was nice and she also wanted to enjoy it.

Exmouth BeachWhat is great about living by the beach and getting to explore the rockpool’s is that it can be done all year round.

Top tips for rock pooling:
1. Wellies and warm clothing are a must in the cooler weather.
2. Don’t forget something to drink – a flask of tea or coffee for the gown ups, and water or squash for the little ones will go down a treat.
3. Check the tides before you go – on some beaches the rock pools disappear at high tides
4. Take only pictures – don’t forget to return any creatures you’ve caught back to where you found them.

We only spent an hour or more down the beach, but it really was a lovely start to a Sunday which was later spent doing jobs around the home and in the garden.

Gone Paddling - Back soon!
Gone Paddling – Back soon!

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