Interviwing a five year old

Interviewing Emily: 20 Questions With My Five Year Old

Several years ago when E was three I wrote a post – An Interview With My Thee Year Old, it seems like it was only a few months ago, where does the time go.

I came across the post I wrote before and I thought I would ask E the same questions now she is five so I can see how her answers have change.

1. What is something that Mummy says to you? What did you do at School today. I do ask that question every day and I very rarely get much information out of her, it’s almost like school is some secret place that grown ups are no allowed to know about.

2. What makes you happy? When we go on the train to go shopping together, I like shopping, shall we go shopping on Saturday mummy? I do love the thought process of an answer to a simple question.

3. What makes you sad? When you send me to my room. That makes me cry. I do NOT like that.

4. What makes you laugh? When we are pulling silly faces and making silly sounds at J.

5. How old are you? Five. You know that and I will be six on my next birthday.

6. How old is Mummy? Errrr Thirty (not quite but I am happy with that answer).

7. How old is Daddy? Oh! He is the same as you. But bigger.

 8. What is your favourite thing to do? Play outside in the garden..

9. Who is your best friend? Isobel and Lilly, I have two! I like it when I go to Isobel’s house, she has a big garden and we have lots of fun together. Lilly is my best friend because we always play together at school.

10. What are you really good at doing? Hoola Hooping! Do you want me to show you?

11. What did you do today? I went to school and went bug hunting then the summer fayre and I went on the bouncy castle and had ice cream.

12. What is your favourite food? Well, I like chicken nuggets but I now love Chinese food. When daddy bought it home the other night it was so tasty. I hope we can have it again some time.

13. What is your favourite song? I Let it go and There is a castle on a cloud -from Les miserable. (E has watched bits on the internet and loves that song)

14. What is your favourite colour? Pink hmm but I also like yellow so I have two favourite colours.

 15. What is your favourite animal? A zebra because they have stripes. Wouldn’t it be funny if they are only stripy because the have pyjamas on.. err ok.

16. What did you dream about? Is that when I think about things in my sleep? I dreamed that I was on holiday.

17. What is your favourite toy? All of my toys! I really like all of my toys! I like building Lego with daddy though.

18. What is your favourite fruit? Watermelon

19. What is your favourite book? I have lots of them, I can’t choose just one. But I do like it when you do silly voices when you read to me.

20. What is your favourite thing to do outside? Ride my bike .

I really must remember to ask E these questions in a few months time as her replies have made me smile, laugh and sometimes confused me a little.

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