The Lost Smile book review

What makes Children Smile?

Research has revealed it’s still the simple pleasures in life that make our children smile. Pulling silly faces (44%), reading stories (28%) and playing hide and seek (27%) remain the best and simplest ways of putting a smile on a child’s face, said the survey of 1,000 parents and children.

According to Wrigley Extra, children smile up to 400 times a day!  Wow, that is a lot – even though that is surprising to hear, when you think about it does seem right. E and J are always smiling and it is the simple things that make them smile the most.

The research commissioned by Wrigley’s Extra®, spoke to children and their parents about what makes them smile to mark the launch of its own storybook, The Lost Smile.

Wrigleys Smile Back Campaign

E absolutely loves books. She likes a good bedtime story and  also enjoys reading some books herself.  So when I was asked if I would like receive a new book, I accepted.  The Lost Smile, as part of the new Wrigley’s Extra Smile Back Project. I was particularly  keen to know more about the project and to see what the book was all about.

‘The Lost Smile Is a beautiful children’s book. It’s about a little boy named ‘Kyle’ who goes on the hunt for his families missing smiles. Kyle uses tools to help him find his families smiles, such as a magnifying glass and a toothbrush!
It’s a nicely illustrated book It gave E and I plenty to talk about. The illustrations added to the enjoyment of the book.


The story is easy to read and E manages to read some of the words herself but she really enjoys the story being read to her before bedtime and it really does make her smile.

The Lost Smile


The lost Smile is available for purchase at £4.99. All funds raise will go towards supporting the work of Action for Children and the Oral Health Foundation. You can find out more about the Smile Back Project and the book on the Wrigley Smile Back website.
Looking for a book to read yourself? Take a look at Books To Stay Up Late Reading.


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66 thoughts on “The Lost Smile book review

  1. What makes me smile is most definitely my son, although maybe not when he starts shouting ‘STOP SWEARING’ at me in the Supermarket. I’ve never sworn at him in my life lol.

  2. I smile when I see my little boy being kind and gentle to other little boys and girls at nursery and softplay. I’m so proud he has a caring, gentle nature. 🙂

  3. My daughter. We have big belly laughs when being silly like pulling funny faces. She’s 21 and still a big kid 🙂

  4. my children (most of the time!) and seeing the bottom of the washing basket, even if it is only for 10 minutes 🙂

  5. My beautiful children, husband and doggie.. Well to be honest all my family make me smile, even my annoying little brother (although he’s 32 now lol)!! 🙂 Thanks for the chance 🙂

  6. this book sounds fab, my son would love it 🙂
    so many things make me smile but it has to be the little things like when my son does something little that makes me proud to be his mummy

  7. Buying presents and watching people open them
    It’s my sons 6th birthday tomorrow and I’m as excited as him 😀 😀

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