First Hair Cut

Joshua’s First Haircut

For a while I had being meaning to get Joshua’s hair trimmed, it was getting a little untidy and long in places, but it is just one of those things I hadn’t got round to doing. You know how it is, there is always something else that needs doing or something else comes up. Family members had commented that he needed a hair cut, I had said he needs a hair cut but it still didn’t get done. However, when J’s big sister E said can I put his hair in a ponytail I realised I really had to get it cut.

I had planned on taking J to a playgroup this morning, however whilst walking down there I changed my mind and decided to go and get his hair cut. A lovely mummy friend showed me where a fab little hair dressers is and the fact that you didn’t need to make an appointment was perfect.

As the little man is well, little, he had to sit on my knee. So I had so sit there with an apron on with J sat on my knee wearing the cutest apron and looking none emotional.

First Haircut

The hair dresser really was a lovely lady and kept talking to J, he was transfixed by her and everything that was going on. It was funny when she wanted him to look the other way because he just wanted to keep looking at her and he was probably thinking what is she doing to me.

First Hair CutTowards the end he got a little bit wriggly but that is mainly because he kept wanting to look around, a couple of mini cheddars distracted him well.

Here are a couple more photos of him getting his hair cut.

First Haircut

I can’t get over how different a haircut has made him look, not only does it look tidy now but he looks like a little boy and super cute too. I was pleased that he took it all in his stride and didn’t cry or cause general mischief.

I have tried to get a photo of his nice tidy hair this afternoon but we are at that stage where I struggle to get him to sit still to take a photo so these are the best of a bad bunch.

First Haircut

When I picked E up from school one of the first things she said when we got home was ‘I like J’s hair cut and but I can’t put it into a ponytail now’, she really made me laugh.



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