Year one at school so far..

This year I never got round to doing a start of term post with the obligatory start of year photos of E looking super smart in her school uniform, so I thought instead I would write a post about how the first half term has gone.

Seeing as I missed the start of year photos here are the comparison photos taken on the first day of each year. This years photo unfortunately isn’t very clear.

First Day of year oneI also took a photo of E in her summer uniform with J

Emily Summer Unifrom

E has changed and grown up a lot in a year, it amazes me how much she learnt in reception at school and is now learning so much more.

Year one has meant a lot of changes and a lot of new things for the children to get used to. Not only do they have a new teacher but the classes have been mixed around which means there are new friendships to make.

Year One at schoolOne of the biggest changes in year one is that they start to enter proper national curriculum territory, so far this has meant that reading and writing is taken a lot more seriously and they are doing a lot more mathematics. The home learning is different to that of reception, gone are the phonics flash cards with actions and the fun crafty home learning, now we have writing and maths home work and I am sure the spellings will start coming home next.

E loves her reading, she always has – only today I asked her what she would like to do on half term and her immediate reply was going to the library, she is a proper little book worm. She always gets her reading book out and wants to read it straight away – I am glad that there are less Biff and Chip books coming home these days and as she is currently on green band books, the books tend to have more of an interesting story.

Every Friday E gets writing and sounds home work which has to be in on a Monday. She enjoys her home work which is great and I hope that continues as it makes it less stressful than it could be. E did go through a phase of complaining about writing and saying she hates writing and that it made her hand ache, this lasted a couple of weeks and she hasn’t mentioned it since, I think it just took some getting used to having to do more writing everyday. Even after just six weeks in year one I can see how far she has come and how her handwriting has improved.

We now also get maths homework sent home, luckily that is only sent home every two weeks and so far E is loving maths. There are always some sums to do and then a game you have to play that is fun but also involves addition and subtraction. She comes home from school telling me all about the number bonds they have been learning. I am glad she is enthusiastic about it all even when she finds some things a bit tricky.

There has been a lot of fun during this first half term due to a learning journey the school have been doing, 50 things to do before your 11 and 3/4, which I think has made the transition into year one a little easier.

So far E is doing well and enjoying herself which is great, as important as education is, it is equally important to have some fun and by the sounds of it she has been.

As a whole I am not quite sure what the rest of the year has in store, I am gearing myself up for a lot of hard work and being proactive with her learning at home. But what I am slowly starting to realise is that tubs of playdoh and sparkly glitter doesn’t give E as much stimulation as it once did.

What I am really looking forward to now is half term, a week of no school runs and having to be super organised on a morning and a week with my crazy, funny, little madam five year old.

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