Keeping The Magic Of Christmas Alive

I absolutely love the run up to Christmas, possibly even more so than the big day itself. All the Christmas light’s and decorations. The yummy Christmas treats and even Christmas shopping. However what I really love about Christmas is seeing how excited the children get.

E is seven and I do worry that this could be the last year of her believing. Children talk and there are some that don’t believe. Thankfully she hasn’t asked any questions regarding The Big Man. I am hoping we do get at least another year of the Christmas magic with her.

As this is on my mind, I am trying to make this Christmas magical and special.

We let the children decorate the Christmas tree.. it may be a little cluttered but they did it and they love it and I personally think that is all that matters.

The Decorated Christmas Tree

There is no colour scheme unlike many other people’s tree’s. We have beads, no fancy ribbon or sparkly tinsel. But it is magical as it makes my children super happy.

We also have the Elf on the shelf which the kids love to find on a morning. It is the first thing they do on a morning, look for the mischievous elves and what they have been up to, followed by opening their advent calendars. It is safe to say they will no doubt miss these pesky elves when they go back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve.

Elf on the shelf fun


One of the things I really wanted to do this year, especially for E was to see Father Christmas. We hadn’t pre booked anything due to not knowing if J would be well enough or out of hospital. The other weekend we took the children to a local garden centre with the hope of seeing Father Christmas. The whole garden centre was really Christmassy, that in itself made the children really festive. We then went to see the big man and he was amazing.

There were plenty of photo opportunities whilst we were waiting to go in. Seeing father Christmas is free with no gift, you can however speak to Jingle the elf without the children noticing and choose a little gift for them, which you pay for and then Father Christmas can give them a gift. None of the gifts were that expensive and both the children loved their present’s from Father Christmas.

Seeing father christmas was magic

Seeing father Christmas really was wonderful. He made a lot of effort and spoke to the children for a long time. What added to the magic of Christmas is that Father Christmas already knew their names. Whilst they were chatting two presents came down the chimney. The children’s faces was a picture. They couldn’t believe that presents with their names on had come down Santa’s chimney. It is safe to say I was pretty impressed with this Father Christmas.

The garden centre we went to have the most wonderful café,  so we went for a drink and a piece of cake and the children opened their present’s. They were so excited.

I love Christmas so much and I am glad that E still believes in the magic of Christmas. I am sure she will be even more excited on Christmas Day. Between now and then though we will be fitting in a few more Christmas crafts and maybe even some baking if we have time.


Do your children still believe in the Big Man and the magic of Christmas?


I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas.



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