10 Tips to Make Dull Bathrooms Look Luxurious

A bathroom is the most personal space in the house where we refresh by cleaning. This is why it should be comfortable and not dull and boring. Many people think that a luxurious bathroom costs a fortune. Here are 10 tips that can make your dull bathroom luxurious in affordable ways.


1. Including a sitting arrangement makes it luxurious

Adding a place to sit is sure to impart a luxurious look to the bathroom. It also lingers your stay there. When you are able to sit, while sorting your hair or doing makeup, it creates a relaxed atmosphere. So, arrange a place to sit in the bathroom.

Use a cushioned stool or a comfortable armchair depending on the space available. A seat in the shower also makes the bathroom luxurious.  Get a wooden or plastic bench for that.


2. Make it brighter and larger with mirrors

Mirrors can add flair to the bathroom. They make a bathroom brighter by bouncing off lights from all direction.  They also make the bathroom visually larger. Remove all contractor grade mirrors and get something unusual and ornate.

Pick a size that matches your bathroom. Either use a glittering frame or border the mirror with colorful ropes for an elegant look. They will turn your otherwise dull bathroom into a luxurious one.  Also, cover the doors of the vanity and other storages with mirrors for a glam look.


3. Paint the walls

Although an inexpensive option, painting can make a big difference in bathroom décor. To make your bathroom look luxurious, have a foundation color that highlights everything there. White is a great choice as it aligns with everything. However, you can also have it painted in neutral shades.

In case your bathroom is spa-inspired, have a monochromatic color. This will definitely improve the look and make it relaxing as well.


4.  Pop up with wallpaper

Improving a bathroom is easy with wallpapers. These are also available in removable options. So, there will be no issue in the rentals. Coming in a plethora of bold designs and colours these offer brilliant options to make a bathroom luxurious.

These can be used as such. Using them in combination with paints of similar hue makes the bathroom overwhelming.  You can choose anything from a leafy print to antique floral or classic styles for a luxurious look.


5. Impart a luxurious look with stylish shower curtains

Stylish shower curtains have no match to make a bathroom luxurious. Plenty of shower curtains are available with bold prints.  These are perfect to add color and character to the bathroom.

There are also high-end shower curtains. Use them to add a spa status to your bathroom. The Turkish shower curtains are also great to make your bathroom elegant. Choose any color that complements the overall bathroom décor.


6. Personalize everything

Including your monogram lifts the bathroom to a great height. You can start with personalizing the towels. This can be done easily. Simply put your signature on the bathroom towels by embroidery. This will give them a luxurious look.

Monogramming the upholstery, shower curtain, and other accessories are also possible. Find out a service provider on the net. They will be happy to serve you. When you have your signature on everything in the bathroom it will look gorgeous.


7. Install stylish lighting

Bathroom lighting is very vital for upgrading the place. It is quite challenging as the vanity, tub, and shower have different lighting needs. Consider including wall mounted sconces on either side of the mirror.

Make it glam with a chandelier over the tub, or use a pendant light as an alternative. Also, use a base layer of ambient light for overall illumination.  This will make the bathroom luxurious.


8. Indulge in classy mats

Classy Turkish and Persian mats are perfect to add a luxurious touch to the bathroom.  Made from tufted wool these deliver a soft feeling under the feet. Thus, it improves your experience in the bathroom. Available in a wide range of color and patterns they add personality and satisfaction. If space permits you can also use a rug.


9. Improve the showering experience

Using elegant shower heads can make your bathroom luxurious. These can deliver water in a variety of ways. One can use them in the massaging option or as a full spray or a jet spray. They can also be used in mist, waterfall or rain-shower options.

Even combination of all these is also possible. It lets you enjoy the improved showering experience. Coming in cute shapes they also add to the aesthetics.


luxurious bathroom

10. Add life and texture with greenery

With their Zen properties, live plants can add a timeless feature to the bathroom. They make the place comfortable by reducing stress. But managing live plants is a hell of a job for many reasons. If you are not a green thumb, you can hardly meet the maintenance demands. This made the faux trees and plants as an obvious alternative for interior landscaping.

You can get the artificial indoor trees in many variants. Pick anything from the trees, plants, flowers, topiary, and planters to elevate the bathroom. Crafted meticulously from top-notch commercial grade raw materials they look live ones.

The most realistic artificial plants and trees offer almost limitless customization.  They do not need any waiting period and offer instant beautification to the bathroom. These are infused with UV-blocking and fire-retardant substances. As such, they never fade and prevent the spread of fire.

Creating a Mediterranean vibe in the bathroom is possible with the tropical trees and plants. When placed in a corner, they make the bathroom awesome. These fake greens do not cause any allergy and also do not attract mosquitoes and other insects. Thus, you get a safe environment.



A bathroom can highly impress the guests. The above ideas are affordable and can make a bathroom luxurious for spending pleasurable moments. No matter if it is own house or a rental, anyone can apply these. Try these for your bathroom to make it an epitome of style.

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