Children;s Christmas stocking gift guide

Children’s Christmas Stocking Gift Guide – 2018

Who doesn’t love waking up on Christmas morning to find a Christmas stocking stuffed full of goodies to open? My Children love it. Stocking fillers are a great way of adding some low-cost, fun little gifts that children will love. Everyone does Christmas different, in our house Father Christmas leaves the stockings for the children.

There are some great little gifts out there, take a look at some of the fab items available to buy.


So Glow DIY
Christmas Stocking

The So Glow DIY is the perfect stocking filler for anyone that loves crafts and science related toys. The concept is really simple. You just fill the jar with water, add a sprinkle of glitter and dusting of confetti, the Magic So Glow powder, a cute surprise and then mix. You then customise the jars using the stickers provided. Once your done you just shake your jar and watch it shimmer and sparkle and light up through a whole spectrum of different colours. Simple and mess free, this range of DIY kits enables children to create and customise their own Light Up Glitter Glow Jar.


My Cutest Kitten Book -Augmented Reality

Children's Christmas Stocking gift guide

This book is amazing. I have seen an Augmented reality book before and I loved it. The My cutest kitten book is a lot of fun for all ages. There is an app that you can download, which is free. You then point your device at the areas on the page that are easily found The kitten then comes alive in front of your eyes. You will see your kitten and over the pages you can make your kitten do different things. Feed them, play with them, all by pressing different buttons on your device. The whole time your little kitten will be right in front of your eyes. it is truly amazing and a fantastic addition for a stocking gift this Christmas. You can purchase this book from Carlton books along with other Augmented Reality Books.


Gourmet Pizza Company Chocolate Star Lolly

Children's Christmas Stocking Gift GuideEveryone loves chocolate and every Christmas stocking should have some in. This wonderful Christmas Star lolly is so festive and extremely tasty. The Christmas lolly is made from Belgian chocolate and little sweets. It is bound to be a well received gift in the stocking. You can purchase this and other stocking fillers on the Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company website.


Sylvanian Families Baby Band Blind Bag

Blind bags are exciting for children, the surprise of not knowing what’s inside. What i love about these Sylvanian Families blind bag is that inside is a little baby Sylvanian families animal. Not some plastic tat I often find in blind bags. This is a great surprise collectible that can be added to any Sylvanian families collection. You can purchase these from the Sylvanan Families websites and other good retailers including Smyths Toy’s. This would make great stocking filler gift.


Hallmark Incredibles Itty Bittys’s

Children's Christmas Stocking Gift GuideThe Incredibles are really popular at the moment due to the release of the Incredibles 2 so any Incredible fan will love these.. Itty Bittys are the cutest small plush collectibles. They are perfect for Christmas stockings and children and Adults alike will love these. Hallmark sell a variety of Itty Bittys so you are bound to find the perfect stocking filler.

The Fartist Cub – Windy Wendy

Children's Christmas Gift GuideWhy is it Children love anything that is toilet humour related? There are a range of characters in the Fartist club and they all make their own sounds. Windy Wendy has ten different ‘fart’ sounds. Pull her finger to hear all the different sounds. Even better you can push a button on the bum that activates a ten second fart delay, which makes it fun for hiding and fun pranks. These really would be an amusing addition to a Christmas stocking.


Royal Airforce Association Rubber Ducks

Children's Christmas Stocking Gift GuideWho doesn’t love a rubber duck, we have quite a few in our bathroom. These Rubber ducks from the The Royal Air Forces Association would make a wonderful gift for younger children. Or even adults who used to be in the RAF. You can purchase the ducks from the RAF Association Website. Also by purchasing these super cute ducks you are  helping ex and current serving personnel in any way that is required. Whether it helping a wounded airman or ex serving personal that need a shoulder to lean on. A very worthy cause.


I’m Not A.. Books

Children's Christmas Stocking Gift GuideI absolutely love these recycling craft books. You can recycle every day items to make fab craft creations. These books have step by step instructions and there are handy cut outs that you can use. You can make things like fire engines, owls, a dinosaur, a castle and so much more. These books would make great gifts for boys and girls who love getting crafty. The books are available to buy from Carlton books.


Colgate Minions Talking Toothbrush


Chldren's Christmas Stocking Gift Guide

Quite a lot of people include a new toothbrush in Christmas stockings. We always do to. This fantastic Minions battery-powered toothbrush from Colgate is amazing. Since using this my youngest now loves cleaning his teeth. When you turn the brush on it talks to you and tells you where you need to clean. Top right, bottom left etc and the amount of time you need to clean the area. This makes brushing their teeth fun and gives them a thorough clean, making this the perfect toothbrush for your child’s Christmas stocking.


Royal Air Force Association Foam Hurricane puzzle

Children's Christmas Stocing Gift Guide

Royal Air Force Association website has so many wonderful gifts for Christmas. This RAF Hurricane Foam 3D Puzzle Plane from the Foam Puzzle Plane makes a great stocking filler. The constructible pieces of foam are easy to put together and will entertain children of all ages.
By purchasing from the Royal Air Force Association, not only are you getting a brilliant gift that the recipient will love but you are also supporting a very worthy charity. Helping past and present service men and their families.


Christmas DVD’s

Stocking Filler Guide 2018

Nothing beats a good Christmas Film to get you feeling warm, fuzzy and festive. There are some great choices available to purchase. These DVD’s are fantastic and they don’t cost a lot either – making them a perfect stocking filler. The snowman is a classic film and this year is actually the 30th Anniversary of the film. Just incise you haven’t seen the film it is adapted from the classic picture book by Raymond Briggs. A boy builds a snowman who magically comes alive at midnight and they get up to all sorts of things. It really is a truly beautiful film and one everyone will love to watch.

The second film I can whole heartily recommend it Trolls the Holiday. If you have a child who loves Trolls the movie then this is a must. It is a short DVD which is about Poppy and how she loves holidays and celebrations for everything. She feels sad that her friend Bridget the Bergen doesn’t celebrate holidays. There is plenty of singing. dancing and it really is a happy feel good film.

The final film that would not only make a great stocking filler but would also be perfect for a Christmas Eve box or if you have an Elf on a shelf they could leave it as a gift earlier in the month. This festive comedy is about a grumpy green monster who lives on a mountain over looking the town called Whoville. The Grinch hates happiness and also hates Christmas. During the festive season he plans to steal all the festive decorations and presents from all the people in the town. However a girl called Cindy lou and turns the town and the Grinch’s world upside down. A funny comedy that’s Stars Jim Carey who is hilarious in the film. You can purchase all of these films from all good retailers. They are defiantly worth purchasing and children will love them.


Gourmet Pizza Company Christmas Pizza

Children's Christmas Stocking Gift GuideI never thought I would associate the word Pizza and Christmas together. If you are going to receive a chocolate gift why not a chocolate pizza? The box looks very authentic but you can see the chocolate pizza showing through. Although this is a chocolate pizza in name, there is not doughy base, the whole thing is tasty chocolate.  The chocolate is of a lovely quality, with a good defined taste and plenty of sweet creamy flavour. This wonderful 7 inch Christmas pizza has melt in the mouth creamy vanilla fudge on top as well as milk and white chocolate rice balls and white chocolate curls. It really is super tasty. The Christmas Pizza is decorated with a white chocolate plaque featuring a Christmas Tree design and the words ‘Merry Christmas’. You can purchase the Christmas pizza from The Gourmet chocolate Pizza company website.


Hape Swimmer Teddy Wind-Up Toy

Christmas Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Bath time should always be fun for babies and children and there is nothing better than great bath toys to accomplish it. The Hape Swimmer Teddy Bath Toy is guaranteed to provide plenty of fun in the tub. The swimming teddy is brightly eye-catching and colourful and he is very cute too. Once you have wound him up on his back he swims round and round in circles. This swimming teddy is very well made and very  solid. He is also quite a bit bigger than most of the other bath toys that are around making it easier for little hands to hold. You can purchase the Hape Swimmer bath teddy from Amazon.


As you can see there are so many great gifts that you can buy as stocking fillers. I love preparing our Christmas stockings and I think this year there will be a variety of fun and silly things that the children will love.

If you are still looking to buy some other Christmas gifts then take a look at out Children’s Christmas Gift Guide, there are so many great suggestions.


Disclosure: The above products were sent for inclusion in this post however all opinions are my own.

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