Playfoam pals

Playfoam pals from Learning Resources – Review

My children love collectible toys, they seem to be the ‘in’ thing at the moment. It all started out with Kinder eggs, then blind bags, surprise eggs and then even watching them on you tube! Both my children seem fascinated by the whole collectible, surprise toys. So as I expected the children were super excited when we received some Playfoam Pals from Learning Resources.

PlayFoam Pals

Playfoam Pals come in a box of two, inside are two domes filled with Playfoam. The super-squishy, sculpting material is child friendly, won’t dry out and doesn’t stick to clothes or carpet; perfect for indoor creative play! To find the surprise animal you need to dig into the PlayFoam to find your little surprise animal.


Playfoam pals

When you have found your little animal, there are 12 different ones to collect. If you are lucky there is also a gold pal you might find. You can then use the Playfoam to mould little nests, tree’s or anything you like. What I like about the Playfoam is how the children were able to use their imagination. The foam is easy to use and construct other things out of it. What I personally love about this surprise toy is that the foam can be stored in the little domes fasten back up.


Playfoam PalsAs I said there are 12 different pals to collect, however you can make so many more. You can mix and match the bodies and heads to make your own type of animal!

Inside the pack you will also find a check list and if you look carefully you will see under each dome there are some shapes that you can make using the PlayFoam.

Playfoam pals

The Playfoam animals we found inside are Jojo the kangaroo, Pearl the polar bear ( I think that is what it is). Another Jojo and an ultra rare gold pal. There was squeals of delight when they discovered the gold one.

We all absolutely love the Playfoam pals, they are easy to carry around. Perfect for keeping the children entertained. The foam never dries up and it is relatively mess free. It doesn’t stain clothes, however you might need to give the table a wipe down afterwards as the foam might leave a little bit of colour on it. This does wipe of easily. The children keep their animals in with the foam so there are no little animals hiding in my sofa!

The Playfoam pals are suitable for ages 5-10, however my three-year old loves playing with them with his sister. You can purchase them from the Learning Resources website and they are £6 for two. Which is really good for what you get. Out of all the surprise eggs and toys that come into the house these are by far my favourite and I can see me purchasing more in the future.



Disclaimer – We were sent the Playfoam pals for the purpose of this review.

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