Untamed Dragon

Untamed Dragon Fingerling Review

For the last couple of years fingerlings have been high on children’s wish lists. First of all it was all about the cute little monkeys. I really struggled to buy my eldest one of those for Christmas the other year, however I was lucky to get one. Then came the pretty awesome Untamed Dinosaurs – […]

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Hape Solar

Hape Solar Power Circuit Train Set Review

*We were gifted the Hape Solar Power Circuit Train Set for the purpose of this review * I am a lover of wooden toys, I think they always look nicerĀ  and are better on the environment. Hape wooden toys are one of my favourite brands, they sell such an assortment of toys. Hape wooden toys […]

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Playfoam pals

Playfoam pals from Learning Resources – Review

My children love collectible toys, they seem to be the ‘in’ thing at the moment. It all started out with Kinder eggs, then blind bags, surprise eggs and then even watching them on you tube! Both my children seem fascinated by the whole collectible, surprise toys. So as I expected the children were super excited […]

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Pound Toy

Pound Toy Review

When you have children, you don’t quite anticipate how much money you will end up spending on them. I am not just talking about the essentials such as nappies and clothes. But my word it all adds up. Then throw into the mix special occasions, birthdays and Christmas. Two of the most expensive occasions of […]

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Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels Road Rally Raceway Review

Hot wheels are a well-known brand as are Step 2. So when Step 2 released the Hot Wheels Rally Raceway I was looking forward to seeing what it was like. And it didn’t disappoint. As with all Step 2 products it is really sturdy, which is great with our three-year old. He is a big […]

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