Children's Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Children’s Christmas Gift Guide 2018

I am one of the many people who get really excited about the run up to Christmas. Our tree doesn’t go up until December. I do however start Christmas shopping a little earlier. Not only does it spread the cost but I have longer to find the perfect gifts.

Our children’s Christmas gift guide if full of brilliant gifts, that your children or family members would love. There really is something for everyone.


Power Dough Magic Pets

Christmas Gift Guise 2018



Power Dough is a fun modelling set that allows you to bring your creations to life. You can design your own Magic Pet and make it come to life. Simply use the colourful dough to create a pet, add some of the accessories then add one of the four power parts. Make your creation talk, light up or move. Set contains: 4 pots of dough, 15 accessories, 4 power parts, 1 sculpting tool and an instruction sheet. You  can use these parts with other compounds which is handy for when you don’t have enough Power Dough. The set is suitable from age 3 upwards and it is a lot of fun. You can purchase this set from good retails including Smyths Toys.


Jack Jack Attacks

Children's Christmas gift guide 2018

Jack Jack Attacks is a fantastic toy that any Incredibles fan will love. Not only is he adorable but he can do so many super cool things. If you press Jack Jacks tummy once you will hear him laugh and giggle, these are real sounds from the film. Press it twice and it will show you different abilities one at a time. However,If you press on his belly repeatedly or hold it for an extended amount of time, Jack-Jack will show off some of his abilities which include laser eyes, electric sparks, and turning into a fiery flame. Jack Jack also comes with a little racoon, this is so you can re-enact a scene from the film.  Jack Jack has a soft body with a moulded head and arms, he also has a cute tuft of rooted hair. He can be made to stand up or sit down.

The toy takes three AAA batteries and is suitable from Age 3 plus. Jack Jack is a great christmas gift that can be purchased from all good retailers.


Wanabee’s Teacher Pad £14.99

Christmas Gift Guide 2018

I Want to be a Teacher by Wannabees is an imaginative, quality role play, spiral bound book for children. A perfect gift for someone who loves to play schools at home. The idea behind  Wannabes is to strip things back to basics and let children use their own imagination, instead of relying on electronic toys that we are all so used to playing with now. The book includes Registers, reading records for their book bags and even lunch records, school reports, time tables. Everything you need. Each role play pack contains around 50 pages of forms, stickers and certificates. Wanabees also sell A café Owner and a Doctors Pack. These packs are a lot of fun and they really do have everything you need. You can purchase the packs direct from Wanabees website and they cost £14.99. A perfect gift from 5-11 year olds.


Heelys £54.95

Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Heely’s are so much fun, they are the ultimate way to get around. They are a trainer style shoe with a wheel in the heel. They are an ingenious, cool looking skate-shoe that enables children to transform an ordinary walk into a much more lively and interesting journey altogether. All Heelys have removable wheels so it gives the child the opportunity to switch between walking and skating when ever you like. You can buy two-wheel and one wheel Heely’s. These two-wheel Heelys are perfect for a child that is just starting out with Heelying It makes the learning process that little bit easier. Learning to use Heely’s can take a bit of practice but once your child gets the hang of it they will always want to wear them. Heelys are the perfect way to get out in the fresh air whilst having some fun.

Heelys come in all different sizes and prices. This pair is RRP are £54.95. Take a look at where they have a wide range to choose from.


Girlzone Lip Balm Studio

Christmas Gift Guide 2018

This is a great lip balm stuidio set that has all the bits you need to make your own lip balms. There are 4 flavours; orange, cherry, pineapple and blackcurrant. There are also three post of glitter in different shades in the set. The kit also comes with a lovely pink makeup bag to keep the creations in. There are also plenty of stickers in the set that you can use to decorate your lip balm pots. There are easy to follow instructions. you choose your own flavour, add a sprinkle of glitter to the gloss base and then you can use it. The lip balms are such a fun and easy project to do with your kids or older children would be able to do it alone. You can purchase this great kit from Amazon.


Hape Crane Lift  Playset

Childrens Christmas Gift Guide

Hape sell some wonderful wooden toys including this fantastic crane playset. This is the perfect gift for any child that loves cranes and diggers. Inside the box you will find the crane mechanism and cab which comes pre-assembled. 5 accessories are also included with the crane. . Once it is put together it is very sturdy. The crane can be moved backward and forwards and the hook for lifting things goes up and down.
The crane will keep any child occupied for a long time. The Hape Crane Lift is aimed at children of ages 3 and over, and is one of those toys that even much older children will enjoy playing with. The crane is a great size of 53 cm tall and really would make a wonderful gift. You can purchase the Hape Crane Play Set from Argos.


Unlock your imagination

Children's Christmas Gift Guide

This wonderful book is packed with fun facts and rainy day activities. It is perfect for screen free time. This hardback book is quite heavy. The first half  is full of fun ideas, games and crafts. The back half is a built-in card container of board games where you also get to construct your dice and boards. There are 256 activities that will entertain your children.  They can get creative and use their imagination. Make disgusting slime, create their own TV show, make an obstacle course and so much more. There are plenty of both indoor and outdoor activities. Unlock your Imagination is packed with fun ideas. Take it wherever you go to keep bored kids busy and entertained. Whether it’s a rainy day or a sunny afternoon you’ll find plenty to make, play, and do.

Unlock your Imagination by DK is aimed at age 6 upwards and can be purchased from Amazon and Waterstones.


Red Arrows Brick Set

Childrens christmas gift guide 2018

This Red Arrows building set is fantastic. The set has 97 pieces and is fairly easy to make. When complete it has a length of 22cm and a wingspan of 23cm. The set also includes  a pilot figure and a sheet of stickers with RAF Decals. This is a great present for anyone who loves aeroplanes, particulaly Red Arrows. Adults will have just as much fun with it as Children. This set is suitable for children aged 6 and over and it can be purchased online on the Royal Air Forces Association website.

The Royal Air Forces Association (or RAF Association) is a membership organisation and registered charity that provides welfare support to the RAF family – so by purchasing from them you are helping ex and current serving personnel in any way that is required. Whether it’s an injured airman or woman fighting to get back on their feet, a young child missing their parent away on overseas operations, or a World War II veteran needing a shoulder to lean on, we are here to help all generations of RAF personnel and their families.


Schleich Puzzle and Play set

Children's Christmas Gift Guide

This wonderful Jigsaw is much more than your everyday puzzle. In the box are also two wonderfully detailed Schleich figures: the elephant calf and the cheetah baby. So doing the puzzle is double the fun. Once the 100 pieces jigsaw is complete you can also use it as the scenery for playing with the figures. Or you can simply play with them alone. This is a wonderful puzzle and play set and would be a great Christmas gift. Age 6 upwards. This puzzle can be purchased from Amazon.


Sylvanian Families Nursery Bus

Childrens christmas gift guide


This new Sylvanian Families Sunshine Nursery Bus is so lovely and cheery, with its rainbow and clouds designs on the sides. This adorable, colourful bus fits up to 12 babies and one driver. This lovely bus comes with a few surprises. The chairs on the upper deck can be turned over to make a seesaw! The upper part of the bus can be taken over the front and back to create a large rainbow slide and the fun doesn’t stop there! Remove the seats on the lower deck to discover the baby pool! How cool is that. The attention to detail on this bus is brilliant. Each of the removable seats have musical notes engraved on them and cute bunny ears. The lovely Sunshine Nursery Bus makes every journey an adventure. Figures are not included. Can be purchased from the Sylvanian Families website and other good retailers.


Aquabeads Rapunzel Character Set

Christmas Gift Guide 2018

This great Aquabeeds Rapunzel set features characters from the Disney TV Show, Tangled. The set contains a layout tray, sprayer, 4 template sheets, 2 display stands and over 600 beads in 11 different colours
The set also comes with a small water spray bottle for setting the beads on the layout tray. Aquabeads are a fun and easy activity to do. Simply choose your design from the pictures available, place your beads in the corresponding place, then spray with water. After an hour or so, the beads will have stuck together meaning you can remove your creation and display it for all your friends to see! This set is guaranteed to keep the children entertained for a long period of time. And the adults will have just as much fun joining in!

The Aquabead set is suitable for Age 4 plus. Some help might be required for the younger children. You can purchase this aquabeads set and the large array of other aquabeads sets from all good retailers. Including Amazon.


Ani-mate mini movie kit

Childrens Christmas Gif guide 2018

If you know someone who would love to make their own animation videos, then this would make a perfect gift. This wickedly awesome kit comes with an inspiring collection of props, sets, materials and tools to create your own stop-frame animated films. The box turns into the set, you can then add the props the characters you have made to make your own movie. The set also comes a phone camera stand. Then all you need to do is download a simple Stop Motion App and you’re on your way to internet stardom! The kit is aged 8 upwards and can be purchased from Find Me A Gift.


Gel-a-Peel Delux kit

Chilrens christmas gift guide

Gel-A -Peel is a very crafty set that you can make loads of fashion accessories and bracelets. You can design cool accessories to wear like rainbow earrings, sparkly bracelets and neon necklaces. You only need to design, peel, wear and share. This Deluxe set includes 5 Gel-A-Peel pens with different colours, 7 designer tips which help you to create different patterns, clear drawing sheet, 24 design templates, sunglasses, headbands and items to help you to create earrings and key rings. It’s so easy and fun! Use the gel colour tube to trace the templates, peel the gel design, and you’re creations are ready to wear! However ,you just need to make sure you design is dried before peeling. The kits are aimed at Age 8 plus. Can be purchased from retailers including Amazon.


Girl Zone Pencil case with pens

Christmas Gift Guide 2018

This very bright and colourful and glossy pencil-case is full of 36 marker pens. There is a selection of jumbo, medium and slim marker felt tips. What i absolutely love about the pens is that they are all scented. A variety of fruity scents which smell lovely. The pencil-case has four large pouches which the pens are in. When you close the pencil-case up in goes into a firm rectangle shape. There is a carry handle on the top making it easy to carry around and is great for taking with you where ever you go. This would make a perfect gift for anyone who loves colouring and awesome smelling pens. You can purchase the GirlZone pencil-case from Amazon.


Girl Zone Diary

Childrens Christmas Gift Guide 2018

I have yet to meet a child who doesn’t love a diary. Children love to write what they have been up to whether in a notebook or a diary. This fabulous GirlZone diary is larger than most diaries and is very colourful. The diary comes with a lovely rainbow pen so your child can write in different colours. The first half of the book is lined paper and they other half is plain paper. This is great so your child can not only write but also draw things. The fact it has a lock make it even more appealing to children. Makes it feel all secret and for their eyes only. You can purchase this fab diary from Amazon.


Treasure Hunt House Book

Children's Christmas Gift Guide 2018

This beautiful book is a wonderful lift the flap and find the clues book. Two children are invited to visit their Great-Aunts house who has set them a treasure hunt. The book has 50 flaps and there is riddle solving clues on every page.
Your children will learn about famous historical and cultural objects as they go through the book.. Find out about instruments in the music room, history of jeans in the bedroom, a velociraptor in the curiosities cupboard . There is a vast amount of information. This magical book is a great. It is ideal for anyone who love the idea of treasure hunts or exploring houses. The book is age 7 plus and can be purchased from Amazon.


Great Games To Buy This Christmas

Everyone loves a board game, there are so many on offer. Here are some of the Top Rated games that would make great Christmas Gifts this year.


Greedy Granny

Childrens christmas gift guide 2019

Greedy Granny by Tomy, is a funny, laugh out loud game. Aimed at age 5 and upwards this game can be played with 2-4 players. To play each player takes it in turns to spin the dial, depending on the colour it lands on (green to take a biscuit and purple to put one back on the tray) and the number it lands on will tell you what to do next. Take or Put back a biscuit and then press the button to the side of granny the specified amount of time, but be careful not to wake granny! If you wake her she will jolt forward sending all the biscuits and her teeth flying! The person who wakes granny then needs to put back their biscuits. The winner is the first person to get 1 of each biscuit in their pile without waking granny.

This is a fun, simple game that children love to play. The best bit is that it doesn’t take battery’s. You can purchase Greedy Granny from Smyths Toy Store, Amazon and other good retailers.


Foxy Pants

Children's Christmas Gift guide 2018

Foxy Pants by Drummond Park  is a game aimed at age 4 upwards. It is a fun game that can be played with 2-4 players.  Gameplay is really simple. After the competition for the best chicken noise so see who goes first, this is a lot of fun in itself. You throw the dice to see how many chickens you need to place in the fox’s pockets. Then give his head a little press downwards. If you are unlucky he’ll trigger and the pants will vanish. Chickens fly everywhere.   When this happens it’s a mad scramble to grab enough chickens to fill your coop.  However you can only use one hand to collect your chickens.

The game is really easy to set up and play and the rules are easily understood by young children. Each games takes less than ten minuets to play, making this a great game for younger children. Foxy Pants is available for an RRP of £22.99 and is available from toy shops and online, including Amazon.


Wally The Washer

Childrens christmas 2019


Wally the Washer is recommended for players aged 4 upwards. it is a great game for 2-4 players. To play the game you have to fill Wally the Washer with all the clothes. Each player chooses a colour washing line which indicates what colour clothes they need to collect. Set Wally the Washer going with his load of clothes and when it’s your turn, press the button on the top to stop him. When the clothes fall out, collect the colour that matches your washing line  However, if you’re unlucky enough to get the dirty sock, not only do you have to put all the clothes back in the drum, you have to put the peg on your nose until the next time the sock falls out! The game is fun and quick, making it perfect for a quick game to play.

Wally The Washer requires 3 x AA batteries which are not included. Wally the Washer is available from great retailers, including Amazon. This would be a fun game to play this Christmas.


Orchard Toys – What a Performance

Childrens Christmas gift guide 2018

Orchard  Toys games are always amazing quality and very popular. What a Performance is a hilarious game that is for age 5 upwards. The game is for 2-4 players. You can play as a team or individually. The aim of the game is to get to the centre. Along the way you will land on actions. From the cards it could be pretend to be someone or make a noise and the other players have to try to guess what you are doing. The first person to guess correctly gets to move forward one space. If no one guesses or the player wishes to pass, then a forfeit has to be done which can be found on the back of the card using the little decoder. There are over 300 fun challenges to perform, so there’s never a dull moment.

The game is tremendous fun and just the kind of thing to bring out the silly in anyone. You can purchase this fun game online from Orchard toys and other good retailers.


Orchard Toys – Giraffes in Scarves

Chlldren's Christmas Gift Gide 2018
Giraffes in Scarves is a fun game that can be played with 2-6 players. The object of the game is to build you giraffes body with scarves. You firstly chose a silly giraffe body which could be a footballer, diver or ballerina then you simply roll a coloured dice and matching a colour with a scarf. If your giraffe has the most scarves by the end of the game you win. The winner is the player with the most scarves after everyone has found their matching giraffe head.
This really is a wonderful counting and colour matching game. It is aimed at age 4-7, however my three-year old was able to play it. Another great Orchard Toys game that will make a great Christmas present. You can purchase this game on the Orchard Toys website and other good retailers.


That’s all for our children’s Christmas gift guide this year. I hope my guide has given you some wonderful ideas of gifts to buy. We have had a lot of fun testing out the above items. There really are some great items out there to buy this Christmas. Hopefully my guide will make you Christmas shopping a little less stressful.

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