Christmas Gifts for gardeners

Christmas Gifts for the Gardener

With the festive season drawing nearer, thoughts are turning to finding the perfect gift for loved ones. These gift ideas are ideal for the gardener in your life!



Gardening gloves

Gardeners can be a picky punch. Already grumpy enough from lack of gardening action over the winter months, they find the cold seeping into their hands a nuisance for getting those small but important jobs completed.

The range of gardening gloves is wider and bigger than ever, which is great news for you. You’ll get change from £20 for most gardening gloves gift options. However, choose ones that allow your gardening loved one different options, from waterproof gloves to ones that allow better dexterity.

Try Kew Gardening Gloves, available from John Lewis.


Garden bench

Gifts are just for Christmas – in effect, you want them to enjoy their gift for a lot longer than a few minutes. The gift of a garden bench will last for years.

Opt for the natural warmth and excellent performance of a teak garden bench. Watch their eyes widen with delight that they have a garden bench perfect for their plot. There is a range of sizes and styles available, so choose with your loved one in mind. Try teak garden benches from Sloane & Sons Garden Benches.


Mud kitchen

Not all gardeners are adults, of course, and for the intrepid gardener with an enthusiastic assistant, the mud kitchen is a great idea for encouraging them to spend more time in the great outdoors.

Suitable for all ages of children from toddler upwards, the mud kitchen is placed outside and children encouraged to make mud pies and pretend cakes using materials they find in the garden.

Great for all times of year and perfect for Granny and Grandad’s garden as it is for home.

Try the Mud Kitchen from Studio


Grafting knife

Gardeners have all kinds of tools to help them out with the jobs that need doing in the garden. From an evenly weighted trowel to sharp spade, there are some tools that they just cannot do without.

A grafting knife is a thin sharp bladed knife with a long handle that sits snuggly in the hand and makes light work of taking cuttings from shrubs and saplings. And your gardening expert would love one in their pile of gifts this year.

But be warned, these knives can be expensive, with the most basic, but best performing grafting knives starting at £80. If you think they would want to choose their own, why not opt for a gardening gift voucher instead.

Try grafting knife from Great Dixter Shop.


Gardening books

You can never go wrong with a gardening book or two, especially if it helps the keen gardener to indulge in their hobby and grow bigger and better crops and exciting plants;

* Down to Earth by Monty Don is perfect for the gardening who wants to tap into the 50 years gardening experience of this well-known legend.

* The Allotment Book is a seasonal planner and cookbook rolled into one, the perfect combination for growing and cooking the stuff planted and grown.

* 50 Ways to Kill a Slug shares hints and tips on all the ways that gardeners have tried to control slugs on their brassicas and plants in the garden. Covering chemical and natural remedies, it is perfect for any gardener, no matter how experienced they may or may not be.


Plant pots

Every gardener wants to expand their planting space so they can grow more. When expanding the garden isn’t an option, adding more planting space with pots and troughs adds more growing space.

And for you, this gives you a whole set of ideas when it comes to gardening gifts. If you are buying ceramic pots, stick with the ones that are frost protected otherwise come a snap frost in the spring, the pot with crack with compost, bulbs and plants spilling everywhere.

For the best look, opt for a combination of sizes.

Try ceramic pots and planters from plant nurseries, as well as leading retailers such as H&M


Hand shears

Another ‘would-love-to-have’ on most gardeners list is a pair of hand shears. One’s that are sharp but as light and comfortable as using a pair of scissors.

Again, you may want to give them a voucher and encouragement to buy their own but if you want to give them a surprise, you won’t go far wrong with Jakoti hand shears. Not overly expensive at just over £30 either…

Try Jakoti hand shears from Amazon.


There are so many great gifts that really are perfect for the Gardener in your life.

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