Autumn Blues

Those that know me, will know that I am not a fan of Autumn. I am aware there are people out there that love it. The beautiful colours, the pumpkins and Halloween, which has now been and gone. I am not that blogger that gets excited about Autumn themed photos, I don’t think about all the amazing content I can make for social media.

Autumn brings Pumpkin-flavour everything. Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin pie (apparently people still make it), And who wants to eat a pumpkin flavour ice lollies and ice cream. Seriously they exists, google them. All of them sound disgusting.

What does Autumn mean to me?

Cold weather. Now I know we get cold weather what ever the season. However the biting wind, the cold school run’s, entertaining the children in the cold and wet weather. I don’t drive so if I want to go somewhere I have to brace the cold. I don’t own many jumpers, I should probably invest in some. My wardrobe is 90% summer clothes, I love the summer, the warmth the lighter nights. I am a shorts and flip-flops kind of girl. If it wasn’t so cold I would wear them all year round.

I do however wrap the children up warm and take them on walks. They love all the leaves, kicking and throwing them. I think they love Autumn more than me, my daughter will however still wear her shorts when we are back in the house – she is just like me! After this little Autumn walk which felt like I had walked a  million miles, ok slight exaggeration but it was flipping cold!


Just look at their happy faces, all kids love to get out in the fresh air what ever the weather. Well neither are keen of being dragged out in the pouring rain. The drowned rat look isn’t one I perfect to well. I just look soggy and some people may even think I look funny.

By now you probably think I am a right bah humbug about Autumn, well you would be right. I am however looking forward to the festive season.  Which is also cold, but there is something about December I love. I guess it’s the same love that some people have for Autumn.


Autumn also takes over my handbag! I am not talking about tissues and baby wipes. No, its pine cones, sticks and Autumn leaves that the children insist on me keeping.

As I come to accept that its going to be cold for the foreseeable future, I had better do some online shopping for some cosy jumpers. Make a hot chocolate which will no doubt go cold due to constant demands from children. And attempt to embrace the rest of this season. How long is it until Spring and Summer? My newly purchased flip-flops and shorts are ready and waiting.

I hope your all enjoying Autumn. The lovely brisk cold days, dark nights and wool jumpers.


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5 thoughts on “Autumn Blues

  1. I love this time of year. Halloween and the run up to Christmas but I do not like the cold and the wet weather!
    I am so glad my girls walk themselves to and from school now. At least I can partially hibernate. hehehe

    1. I love the run up to Christmas and all things festive . but the cold weather, the dark nights and the rain doesn’t appeal to me one bit.

  2. I love autumn but the dry days where it’s not too cold. The school run the other day where I had to battle with the wind and rain to keep the raincover on and got soaked to my skin not so much!

  3. I dont celebrate Halloween but I do enjoy the colours of Autumn, but bring on December and the Christmas magic. Dont worry it will soon be Summer x

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